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Spironolactone and hair loss

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Hello - I have been on spironolactone for the past year (25mg). However, because of a recent breakout, my derm. uped the dosage to 75mg. I have been having a lot of hair shedding becasue of this. I know that spiro is actually supposed to help with hiar loss, but my doctor let me know that in order for one to get to the growth stage, your hair first experiences the resting and shedding stage so that new hair can grow. Sounds assuring, but the hair falling out definatley is not! I have stopped to spiro for now and am looking to stop the hair loss.

Has anone had this problem? Would a biotin supplement help?

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You probably shouldn't have stopped the spiro. I read that hormonal treatments speed up the shedding phase and then the growth starts. If you stop it another shed happens due to the hormones changing again, so you lose even more hair. I don't know if that's true or not, but it is what i read.

I went (am going through?) a shed since I started spiro and it's worrisome, but I read you just need to stick it out. It's not too bad for me as far as being able to see hair loss, but it has thinned out. I figure I should stick it out 6 months to a year since that's how long it takes for regrowth.

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