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Still oily face when taking accutane?

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Hi, I'm 15 years old and I'm taking accutane (10 mg). I think i'm on my 2nd week and I still have oily face. I haven't experienced any side effects, even drying skin. I use foundation/make-up to cover my acne at school which is pretty good because that cream really covers my acne very well. And now I'm still wondering why I haven't experienced dry and flaking skin. My face is really oily at the end of the day and never dries up. :rolleyes:

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I would say its just a matter of time,things usually take a few weeks to get in to your system.Unfortunatly skin healing takes time.Hang in there!


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as the above poster said, the dose is low and i dont know your weight but that also affects the accutane effects

My weight is 50 kg. I'll ask my dermatologist later if she could recommend me to take the dosage higher, thanks :)

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My son is also on a low dose 20 mg and he is 120pounds He is 14. It took him a few weeks to dry up but now after 33 days his skin is so clear and oil free including his hair! It has worked very quickly on my son!....His lips started getting real dry during the 2nd week and he just moisturizes morning and night and keeps aguaphor on his lips all day long!

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