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Doryx & Sun Exposure

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The Dermatologists prescribed me Doryx this weekend. I was told not to eat any dairy products an hour before or after taking it, in addition try to avoid the direct and prolonged exposure to the sun or lights with UV rays. Unfortunately, I will be taking a two month vacation this summer to China. I don't know how often will I be exposed to the sun, but I know it's going to be frequent. Should I wait until I come back from vacation to start taking doryx? But I would really like to see what kind of results I will get within these two months while using doryx. As I will also be attending college this fall.

What exactly does doryx do to you, that makes being exposed to light becomes dangerous? Will applying sunscreen to my face decrease the effects? Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated.




Sorry for the double post. I think I posted in the wrong section, and may receive more responses here.

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i would start taking it if i were you, i was on minocycline and doxycycline which they also say dont be out in the sun but i did, it really just makes you sunburn quicker. i would start taking it and when ever you think you will be out in the sun for awhile wear a hat and bring some water because the heat could make you feel a little dizzy.

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