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Mel 21

Taking steps to manage skin picking (CSP)... a Christian perspective

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I'm 27 and have been doing this for a long time. The past few months I've been dealing with a lot of issues that have controlled my life: weight, body image, perfectionism... and I don't know if anyone else believes in God, but one thing I'm living every day is that when I try to live my own life, things get messed up. I've been praying for guidance and strength to deal with skin picking head on.

This is the first time I've taken major steps. Telling my supportive husband of one year. Going to a therapist to learn some alternate coping skills, praying about it and not just God help me stop, but more like God help me understand how you see me as holy and perfect. Once I get that (and that may take a lifetime) this struggle may be something that can lessen. The apostle Paul asked God three times to take away this thorn in his life (we don't know what is is), but God allows him to keep the thorn. He says, "My grace is enough for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." (2 Cor 12:9) Paule eventually learns, "for whenever I am weak, then I am strong." (2 Cor 12 10).

I would like to stop, but I've spent most of my lifetime picking, so I don't expect a miracle. But, I would like to lessen what I do. I would like to feel content in who I am at that moment. I'd like to see myself as God sees me, so I can do great things for him. Who knows? There is a lot of Christians out there who struggle with similar problems or the same CSP (compulsive skin picking), but as a church we don't talk about mental illnesses. Maybe one day, I will be empowered to do so.

Maybe one day you will, too.

If you'd like to continue talking post or send a pm. I'd be happy to listen or share with anyone who is struggling. Every day has its successes and failures. Don't give up!

Peace :)

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Today I'm feeling nervous and hot. Too emotions that make it hard to keep perspective.

On being anxious:

I am spending the remainder of my lunch posting on the message board, so that I don't let my hands be idle for too long. Sometimes, even after an issue has been resolved, I feel anxious for a long time afterward. It is hard to let go of worry and I know I should. The Bible says, "Do not worry about our life, what you will eat or drink, or about your body, what you will wear. Isn't there more to life than food and more to the body than clothing... and which of you by worrying can add even one hour to his life?" (Matthew 6: 25, 27). I can only pray to God for his comfort and to release me from worry. Lord, please "take every thought captive and make it obey Christ" (2 Cor 10: 5) for you say not to worry, but to trust in you.

Feeling hot and frustrated:

Last night, I couldn't sleep and I wound up picking my scars at like 2 and 4 in the morning. I was just so frustrated! To remedy this, we are buying an air conditioner tonight. Hopefully, I will sleep better and automatically turn to picking. It frightens me that sometimes, I'm barely awake and my first instinct is to reach up...

From Psalm 6: 4 :pray: "Relent, LORD, rescue me! Deliver me because of your faithfulness."

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How's your week been going? Any news?

I have been suffering from CSP for as long as I can remember. You're not alone. It's something that nobody understands, not my family, my husband, muchless my coworkers. A lot of people just think I have a lot of bug bites. :doh:

I think I might clip my nails and paint them tonight. The shorter the better, and the more paint the better. The paint keeps the tips of my nails duller, so that even if I try to pick, I don't do as much damage.

Keep posting! I am a follower of Christ, too, and have been trying to find strength in the words of the Bible, so, keep sharing!

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I'll be starting a blog on Christianity and CSP, thus saving this message board for mostly questions and comments with individuals within this community. I hope to continue sharing stories and developing friendships!

Please go to to read more. :dance:

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i just joined this site today. i am 17 years old and i cant remember what it feels like to not have to worry about my skin/acne. i also want to note that i am a christian as well, and your message really caught my eye. i am struggling so very much with the pain i feel from having to look in the mirror, or even when i touch my face. i am currently involved with a dermatologist and once a month get chemical peels, i am also taking a prescription call BACTRIM DS. its the third type of pill i have been prescribed. i see no improvement. its very disappionting to me and more than anything i just wish and hope for at least controlled acne, not the major breakouts i regularly get.

i understand your not a doctor, but i was hoping maybe you can help me somehow by your advice on what the Lord can do for me. i used to pray a lot to God about my acne, but i kinda gave up. i am starting to pray more again about this topic....i just dont know whats next, or exactly how to go about this...is there any way u can help me with your christian faith???

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Hi Trackstar,

First I want to thank you for your bravery and faith for sharing where you are with CSP and your walk with Christ. Your post encourages me. At 17, I didn't believe in Christ or want to talk about my struggles with CSP. But you are saved and it sounds like you are getting treatments for your acne. Do your parents know about your CSP? I understand if they do not, my parents just thought it was a bad habit. But if they do, I hope you and them try to learn as much about CSP as possible. It makes it less overwhelming and it is encourages you to realize that you aren't the only one.

As for my walk with Christ, it is something I've been hopefully growing in since 2002 when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. To be honest, there are always points in your faith where you feel closer or further away. One thing that has helped me is being more involved in church. I attend and am serve a my local church. This way I have other Christians I can develop friendships with and ask questions of during my spiritual walk. I have also been reading the Bible and finding verses that help me deal with some of the underlying causes of my CSP (anxiety, trust in God, God's view of me), and I have been praying throughout the day. Some days I wish that I would have an answer and could stop completely, but some days I'm learning to realize that CSP is just one part of me. It does not define me. I want my relationship with Christ to do that. I can only get reminders of that by praying, reading the bible, spending time with God, and other Christians. Remember the same grace that saved you, is the same grace helps you grow in your faith.

Here are some verses that I go to often:

On God's strength: at Proverbs 18:10

On Anxiety: Phillipians 4:6-8, 1 Peter 5:7

On God's Love: Romans 8: 35-39

I also listen to gospel music when I am templted (if possible) and try to keep my hands busy. Casting Crowns "East to West", Lincoln Brewster "More Like You" and Kutless "I'm Still Yours" are just a few songs. I also recommend listening to podcasts as well so you can hear God's Word on days more than Sunday. Try Mars Hill (Mark Driscoll) or Redeemer (Timothy Keller).

If you aren't active in a church, start attending. If you attend a church, join a small group/youth group. Even if you don't ask for prayers for acne and the pain you feel, God can work through other Christians and they will love you because Christ loves you. Continue to seek help from doctors and family (if you can) and continue with others who are struggling with same issues.

Keep hoping in Christ. Let me know how you are doing from time to time.

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hi! sorry i took so long to reply....but your reply to my message was just what i needed! thank you so much, i really enjoyed the songs, & the verses were great too (:

i will try and keep in touch to let u know how everything is going with my acne. i actually have a dema appointment today! so, hopefully things go well.

Oh yea & how are you doing with your CSP?

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