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how to get rid of my acne scars?

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For years i had terrible acne untill about a year and a half ago when i was treated with roaccutane from my dermatologist. As it has been over a year since the treatment i am desperate to get rid of the scars the acne has left as im very unhappy/depressed about these scars and find it very hard looking in the mirror.

Please can people recommend known treatments to get rid of these im currently using tretinoin Gel 0.01%.

any possible ways to get rid of it nomatter how far i have to go. Even lazer surgery. Just need a way to get rid of this.

Thanks in advance

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what I have realized is that scars dont go away..

u just cant get rid of it.

There is a chance that u can reduce* it with lazers /surgary but u are risking a chance that could lead to ur scars being WORSE.

Me too am I desperate to get rid of my scars. I am willing to save up 100k to get a clear face if i have too. I am sure many other ppl here wud do anything to get clear skin too. clear meaning smooth lol.

I hope science developes quickly,

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i know the feeling.i too suffered with acne for years.thanks to accutane im clear now.!but now i have scarring. some box,pitted, indented,rolling grr i hate it!right now im using retain a and bio oil.i have researched all different kinds of treatments and it seems that lasers and fillers are the way to go for the best results.the lasers scare me and the fillers are expensive.it really suks!!i kick myself for ot taking accutane sooner!

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