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Those with acne and piercings/tattoos: Does this apply to you as well?

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So I'm sort of into the whole body art thing. And I'm not just talking about multiple ear piercings, I mean obscure body piercings. I guess this can apply to tattoos as well, even though I don't have any yet, they require a lot of care and special attention.

I just got my navel pierced, I'm finally old enough. I'm sort of at the point where I think I've stopped growing, even though I'm only 15. I would have done it earlier but if you get it too soon, if you grow enough, the piercing could stretch and rip. I've seen scars. They're not at all attractive... So therefore I waited. I'm pretty excited about it because this is only the beginning of a piercing project I've got going on in that general area. I've started with this, my next step is a few more on my naval, and I'll end with anchors!

But last night I thought about a couple of things, and I have a couple of questions.

1) If you have piercings, or tattoos, and have taken VERY good care of them, do you think that your diligence with your cleaning and care schedule has had anything to do with a history of complicated acne routines? I personally think mine does.

I've always been the best with all of my piercings, facial and ear, especially with stretching. Never had an infection. I got in at 1 am last night and I was tired as hell but I still soaked my navel for 20 minutes with a sea salt compress like I was supposed to.

2) Has your acne ever inhibited you from getting facial or ear piercings because you're afraid it'll draw attention to your face?

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I don't really get acne any more (my main struggle now is folliculitis), but I enjoy taking care of both my skin and my tattoos/piercings. I don't know if the fact that I had to follow a routine for my skin when I was younger CAUSED my good routine care for my tattoos and piercings, but I can see that my enjoyment for both may be related.

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