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About to start accutane??

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Hey guys, saw my derm today, he said the antibiotics i am on seem to be working but I have been on antibiotics for 4 years and am sick of it. Got a script for accutane coming in 8 days been thinking about it a while. I forgot to mention I had been using a retin a cream for about 2 weeks, but will stop now and because I only used it for a short period and am stopping it shouldn't affect it right? Also I recently got a red.blue light, can I use this while on accutane? Haven't decided if I will actually take it... guess I'll see how my skin looks when it comes and if I feel good about it I won't and if I still feel like I do now I'll just ride the accu...train... get it? ... ... ... *crickets chirping*

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The red and blue light is that little wand right? That's suppose to treat acne? If you are taking accutane, I don't think you should use anything else. Accutane needs to be able to work it's magic without any interference. This is my 2nd time on accutane and I have no regrets. It's really worth it if you stick through it. I did lasers, light, peels, dermabrasions, antibiotics, topics... the whole nine yards... nothing else really worked.

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I second the previous post. Don't do anything else. Please moisturize. You cannot imagine how drying Accutane is, you don't need extra help.

Please moisturize, this will help prevent breakouts and don't use other things that will dry up your skin more. You will regret it.

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Not going to use it after all, skin has cleared up 90% in past month through nutrition/supplements and gentle cleanser/face wash and the led treatment, who would have thought making simple changes could make such a difference. So glad I figured everything out first instead of blindly following my derms advice, thanks anyway :)

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