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So after 10 years of acne (from the age of 14 until *gulp* 24) I'm frikin' sick of it.

I had recently started going to a skincare "specialist" and getting weekly chemical peels and nothing really has been happening. In a terrible moment of absolute frustration I started googling vitamins that aid in fighting acne (never even considered this route before) I came across this site. After a lot of reading and much deliberation I decided to try a combination of Zinc & b5 (and a b-complex vitamin to ward off side effects of the megadose).

I purchased the zinc right away (about a week ago now) and I am pretty happy with the results. I have only developed a few pimples and everything seems to be healing nicely and quickly. However, it is clear this is not going to be the magic bullet.

And now the b5 has arrived. I have fairly moderate but completley persistent acne that is wrecking my self esteem and my goal is start law school (end of August) as the first chapter of my life without an acne problem getting in the way.

I just took 5 500mg of B5 on a full stomach...here is to hoping! I plan on being very dilligent with this update as I hope to help others like this site helped me.

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Morning of Day 2 (more like .6 days) -

Just took another 5 pills after a breakfast of egg whites & tomatoes -- already feeling like that might not have been a good idea. No side effects yet but I think from now on I am going to eat heavier when I take the pills, or at least until my body gets more used to it. Feel a little rumbly and I have an important meeting for work this morning.

I was a lot dryer than normal on my spots when I woke up this morning, not sure if that is the B5 working already or if I overdid it on the BP.

Will post more later.

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Day 3

Quick update: Vitamin B5 makes you pee, a lot!

Went to my appointment with my "specialist" today and she commented on how my pores are getting smaller and my acne is a lot dryer.

She thinks she is part of the reason, I think it might be the B5 :)

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Day 4

This will be my first day with the full 20 pill regimen.

Nothing really to report, a smaller zit on my cheek and one by my mouth have become full blown pimples. Sucks :boohoo:

Hopefully this works.

On a brighter note -- my stomach is like steel. Between the zinc and the B5 no real issues to report. However I do feel constantly bloated from water weight and have to pee all the time. Not comfortable to say the least.

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Day 5

Proclaming victory over side effects and claiming that one has a "steel stomach" is what those of us who believe in these types of things call a "jinx."


Planet-sized pimple on my chin hasn't gone down, no significant new breakouts to report though I have developed quite a few of those pinhead sized white heads on various parts of my chin and forehead.

Was hoping to avoid "the worse before it gets better" portion of any new skincare regimen with the zinc/chemical peels. That was also a fool's wish.

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Day 6

Nothing new to report. New, fairly small, whithead on the tip of my nose. Haven't had a zit on the tip of my nose in years, if ever - having a hard time remembering. The rest of my outbreaks from the past few days are already getting smaller and starting to heal. I think zinc is my miracle worker for the after effects of acne, hopefully B5 will prevent it from ever being a problem.

This about the time in any skin care regimen where I get discouraged and give up (after a week or two). Hopefully part of keeping a "blog" will keep me on track.

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keep with it! im just a day or 2 ahead of you i just started the b5 aswell and i had the worst intial breakout my face was comletely covered in cysts,nodules,whitehead blackhad everything, but now its starting to subside b5 takes time to work, check my log if you want

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Day 10 (? I think I have lost track)

I haven't posted in several days because not much to report, until last night. My chin completely exploded in pimples (4 popped up in about 3 hours). I was about to come on here and bitch and moan about how terrible I feel (besides the chin explosion I have developed so many little acne bumps on my forehead that I can't keep count and some awful zit/red spot on the cheek that never breaks out) but Black you picked up my spirits a little bit.

I wasn’t going to give up but I think I was resigned to the fact that this is not going to work for me – I don’t think this acne is a result of the B5, and I am not seeing any of the purported benefits of the B5 (less oil production, smaller pores, etc.). Black you gave me a little bit (of what I hope isn’t false) hope that this will still work! I am going to keep trying this for two months (what do I have to lose, I don’t think it is harming me, and I know I will regret it if I don’t completely follow through) and see what happens.

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