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Blood pooled under skinor hyperpigmentation?

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3 months ago I popped a pimple on my jawline and there a large amount of blood for some reason. Almost like it was just filled with blood and nothing else. It didnt scar but it left a dark mark on my jawline. I cant tell whether it is hyperpigmentation or blood under my skin. If I feel it it doesnt feel raised and there is no pain if I push on it. I have been applying hydroquinine to it for the past 3 months as well and it hasnt done anything to it. It does look like its deep in the skin so it could be a possibility that it is blood but wouldnt it have gone away by now? if it is blood deep under my skin is there any injection or laser procedure I can get done for it?

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It definitely isn't a bruise. Bruises are caused by applying a relatively enormous amount of pressure to an area of the skin, breaking blood vessels underneath. There's no surface bleeding, and the resulting skin color is blue or purple. You couldn't have gotten one by popping or picking at a lesion.

All you did was aggravate the lesion too much, causing it to bleed, and in the process increasing the chances you'll get PIH/scarring from it by about 10x.

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