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Experts are not telling use the truth!!??

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I have done countless amount of research about acne and all the different products that claim to do this and that. Even the most so called gentle ones. But are we being told the truth? Take for example

many of you guys own a computer right? and I'd say many of you run Windows on it right? Why is that? You guys still use regardless of viruses right?. Then the question of why cant Operating System companies make a brand new Operating System that has no viruses and is likely to get hacked. Well my friends they would tell you its to expensive to recreate a new one or it will set us back 20 years.mhm that I believe is a cover up. I'd honestly say the reason is because if viruses were no longer around and hackers can't hack computers many software companies such as antivirus would be out of business. How does this relate to acne you ask? Simple!! the same principles apply.

Were are not the ones who went to chemistry class and know what these skin products contain. Companies who make skin products need to make money or else the people who work for them will be jobless. Take for example cleansers. Regardless if they are gentle still contains oily stripping chemicals. But if we did take a chemistry class or even payed attention we would know that oil dissolves oil and water and oil do not mix.

I'm talking about oil based cleansers. They bond with the skin oil molecules and because water and oil molecules do not bond we can remove them from our skin with water. Now the new question is why acne products such as washes do not contain non clogging oils but drying chemicals such as salicylic acid? not saying that the acid does not have benefits.

See guys, its all about finding the truth. Market products only work for short term and most likley have to use them till we die or give up.

Tell me your thoughts...

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Moved to Nutrition and Holistic health.

I agree with other posters that we need a conspiracy theories board....(this isn't going to happen, it's just a reflection on the multitude of these theories that spring up every so often)

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Take for example cleansers. Regardless if they are gentle still contains oily stripping chemicals.

Aside from your use of the highly emotionally-charged term "oil-stripping chemicals" (why not just say "oil-removing" or "oil-washing" instead?), don't you actually WANT to remove the dirt and oil from your skin? If you want to stop doing that and live with dirt, grime, and oil all over you, then JUST STOP WASHING. What's the big deal with all this frantic discussion of what kind of cleanser to use? :)

But if we did take a chemistry class or even payed attention we would know that oil dissolves oil and water and oil do not mix.

They do, if you use the proper emulsifiers! That's why washing with even ordinary bar soap can remove oils from your skin. Don't fall victim to that ridiculous "oil dissolves oil" idea that's been floating around these forums for ages.

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Exactly what I've been trying to say for the longest!

I believe they can cure acne, they just WON'T do it. Why? Less money in their pockets.

Experts are ALWAYS trying to find some faulty excuse not to do something the right way...

Think about any product that is ever made....

The ipod! each year it seems to get more and more advanced... Well, why couldn't they do that the first time around?! Simple. Because they wouldn't make as much money if they gave the people what they wanted the first time around... They decide to keep on *enhancing* their products each time around because that's the way capitalist America is.

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hmmm... I dont use windows. I dont use mac either. I use an open source (and free) OS called ubuntu linux. It's immune to all windows (.exe) viruses and it rocks.

As for my skin, BP has been working wonderfully for me.

I dont believe in any conspiracy theories... since acne can be caused my so many things and is different from person to person, I think we would be hard pressed to find a "universal cure". Right now the best thing we have is accutane and even that doesnt work for some.

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I think it's more that there is no incentive to find a cure. The same old reason of course, money.

They have 'cured' it before anyway with Accutane, which is basically gene therapy. And look at the results... totally mixed and potentially dangerous.

P.S. The gene therapy is an opinion of mine. I've asked multiple doctors about Accutane, the most honest will say they don't know how it works, and some will go as far as to say it manipulates your DNA.

Rest assured, someone in drug land knows the answer but isn't telling us little people.

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