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What are the most nutrient-dense fruits? And how to eat them?

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I was just wondering which are the best fruits to eat. I have heard some bad things about fruits like bananas and strawberries and I don't really understand why they are bad for acne in some people. I have been weening myself back onto fruit after swearing off all sugar for about six months when I realized I still get the same breakouts without eating fruit. I have been eating blackberries, blueberries, and dried goji berries for the last week and a half, but I want to get more of a variety. I think it may be helping a bit because I wasn't getting the nutrients I should have been without fruit. Anyways, what are the most nutrient-dense fruits with the lowest GI's? Also, I have heard some differing views on how and when to eat fruit. I have heard that you should eat them on an empty stomach and with no other foods, but I figure that you should eat them with some nuts or something fatty to slow the blood sugar spike. I eat my fruit with lemon water and an avocado, because the avocado has the high fat content to combat the blood sugar spike and the acidic nature of the lemon helps to balance as well. Is this a good way to eat my fruit? Please let me know. Thanks.

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I have heard some bad things about fruits like bananas and strawberries and I don't really understand why they are bad for acne in some people.

No one has proved how acne works, so nobody can say for sure. However, one can certainly construct theories that connect the two.

Carb malabsorption is both worsened by increased intake of fructans, and associated with lowered ability to digest the fuel (tryptophan and zinc) for making the chemical (zinc superoxide dismutase) that is most effective at shutting down the overactive immune response that could be the root cause of acne.

Strawberries are not particularly implicated in carb malabsorption (assuming you don't juice them), as they have a low fructose/glucose ratio and people don't generally eat massive amounts. Bananas, on the other hand, can vary greatly depending on variety, how they were grown, and especially how ripe they are (which can help explain why some people feel they're a problem for acne and others don't). Most berries in moderation are not a problem. Things like apples, that can have a fructose/glucose ratio as high as Coke, are.

but I figure that you should eat them with some nuts or something fatty to slow the blood sugar spike.

Who knows? Obviously, you're following the insulin-creates-acne hypothesis. IMHO, insulin has nothing to do with it. That's clearly true in my case, since I've done many experiments where I take glucose tablets (designed to help diabetics spike their insulin quickly) without breaking out. IMHO, it's not what you're eating that causes acne, it's the crucial nutrients (zinc, tryptophan, Vitamin B) you're failing to digest, combined with a pattern of (not) sleeping and (artificial) light exposure that guarantees you won't have a normal melatonin cycle (melatonin being the key upregulator we can control of the superoxide dismutase gene)

Clearly you can get more nutrient dense by using a juicer, but beware: the machine is doing some of the digesting for you which can change the total glycemic load, and intestinal motility will be increased, which can make the excess fructose more prone to malabsorption.

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Cucumber. Most people see it as a vegetable but it's actually a fruit! It's low carb, low fat and low calorie which makes it extremely easy to digest so you can eat it whenever you want. It's not exactly an explosion of nutrients but considering how well it goes down it's good bang for your buck. It promotes healthy glowing skin and hair and makes me feel extremely good. Pretty much the perfect fruit in my opinion. I don't eat many other fruits anymore and i'm doing well, but i'm curious to see more suggestions as well!

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I enjoy pears, cherries, oranges, blueberries, black berries, apples, grapes, olives and other non-tropical fruits. I really don't like the taste of tropical fruits.

I don't know about nutrient density but I know temperate fruits have less of a blood sugar impact then tropical ones.

I don't follow the food mixing protocol to combine with fats with fruits or whatever. I follow a taste protocol instead. If it tastes best alone I eat it alone. If the flavor is improved when eaten with something else, I eat it with something else. That system works for me.

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alright thanks for the suggestions. I have also heard from some peeps that avocado could cause some breakouts. I thought it sounded pretty odd to me, but I still breakout and I eat an avocado a day. I highly doubt that they badly affect me but how could I test to see if I am intolerant to them?

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