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Washing face with rice water

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I've heard that rice water is good for your skin and can improve your acne by making your face less oily and the scars (or the red spots) less visible.

So I've been trying it out, and I think it did make my face better for a while. But I've stopped recently because I've been busy and forgetting to do it. Today, I just started again. And since I'm probably not gonna be too busy (summer vacation, yay!), I decided to try to make a log.

Here's the procedures:


I've heard some say to do it a couple of times each day and others say to do it once every couple of days. Well, my family eats rice a lot, but there's no need to cook rice every day. So I am going along with the "once every couple of days".

So I guess I'll be updating the log each day after I use rice water to wash my face. Wish me luck! :)

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Washed my face with some rice water last night.

I don't feel too different today. Pretty much same as yesterday.

No new pimples! :dance:

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I've heard the same thing so I'll definitely be looking at your log. I tried using rice water as toner for a while and I didn't see any difference. I might try it again though.

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So, still not much difference except a little pimple on my forehead, which is probably due to my not eating healthy recently (went to a party and couldn't resist the food :doh: )

Won't have any rice water tonight, so no update tomorrow.

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