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Pimple coming up and I'm desperate!

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Hi all,

I have had a problem with getting acne - only big pimples, the painful kind that come to a giant volcano head - on my chin and ONLY my chin. I went to a health food place once and a nutritionist who owned it told me that it was likely a dairy problem. I cut out dairy and saw major improvement for the last week and a half (I cut it out almost but not quite three weeks ago). But then last night i began to feel that too-familiar pain under the skin and this morning there was a hard lump there. I was so upset that when i woke up around 3 AM I couldn't get back to sleep because I was worrying about it so much, and in the morning when I washed off my Queen Helene Masque spot treatment, I just cried when I saw that there was indeed a lump there. I'm so upset and desperate... I wanted more than anything to not have to worry about a big ugly zit for prom, or preferrably ever again. The woman seemed so sure that dairy was the problem and I was so sure as well, and when my skin improved I thought I was done. I had just begun to feel better about myself, but this threw it all back in the toilet. Dairy could still be the problem, and this is the week after my period, which is when I usually break out most (though normally it kind of overlaps my period more, this is a few days after it's completely ended) but I was just so happy and hopeful and thrilled to not have to worry about it anymore and it was a huuuuuge landmark on early sunday when I actually didn't wear makeup when I had company over. Now I just feel so miserable I can't even explain! D=

I'm desperate to get rid of this thing. Does anyone have any tips for getting rid of this biotch quickly? I just want to tear my face off, I feel horrible. :(

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Since it's for prom...

you could always get what I believe is a cortisone injection from a dermatologist that will quickly decrease the swelling (alot). It can be kind of expensive but if it keeps you from having a good time it may be worth it?

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sounds like hormonal acne, I would suggest a cortisone shot as well just for prom but you might want to look into birth control to balance out your hormones and clear up your acne for good. : )
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for the moment an aspirin mask (SA on the spot, 4%). If it tend to inflammation, take Ibuprofen for some days.

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Thanks everyone. =)

Unfortunately a cortizone shot by then is impossible. I've never been to a dermatologist (my acne problem overall is really not all that severe, just usually one big zit at a time on my chin) and it takes months to get an appointment. My mom once even had a suspicious mark that her doctor thought might be cancer and it still took more than a month for her appointment. So that unfortunately is impossible. =[

The offending pimple has gotten bigger and redder, and as of right now there is a tiny tiny tiiinnnyyy start of a head. I have a feeling this will be one of those that will get multiple heads that sort of converge into one super head of doom, since when I stretch out my chin and look closely, it's really more of two or three bumps on top of each other. That's nothing really new for me.

I had been icing it today and yesterday multiple times, used crushed asprin on it, and spot treated with the Queen Helene Masque. It's always so hard to tell what works because there's nothing to compare to. It's really not that bad... although its big, I'm good at hiding it and when I'm wearing makeup it's not the end of the world. Plus my hope is that, since there's a bit of a head on it, the majority of its life cycle will be over by friday night. It will probably be flaky at that point (the heads on my zits almost always go hard and turn into a sort of scab head instead of being runny and popping) but at this point I'm sort of past caring all that much - hopefully I'll look so good that no one will be noticing one spot on my chin ;P

So question of the day: I can't decide whether to continue icing it to bring swelling down, or use a hot washcloth to try and bring the head up and out ASAP, or even attempt to steam my face (I've never done this before). Suggestions?

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Regular docs can do cortisone injections.

Since the prom is so close, I fear that applying heat would only make it quite inflamed within a few days.

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Thankfully the zit definitely seems to be at the end of its life cycle now. It's got tonight, all of thursday, thursday night and even most of friday to calm down, and I think that my the time friday night rolls around, it'll be in a decent state. =)

Thanks for all the help guys, I appreciate it!

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