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Whatever will be will be.

You guys ever read the gita?

"Know me, O son of Pritha, to be the eternal seed of all beings; I am the discernment of the discerning ones, and I am the greatness of the great. I am also the strength, unaccompanied by fondness or desire, of the strong. And, O chief of the descendants of Bharata, I am the love which is unopposed to devotion among all beings. And all entities which are of the quality of goodness, and those which are of the quality of passion and of darkness, know that they are, indeed, all from me; I am not in them, but they are in me.

The whole universe, deluded by these three states of mind, developed from the qualities and does not know me who am beyond them and inexhaustible; for this delusion of mine, developed from the qualities, is divine and difficult to transcend. Only those who resort to me transcend this delusion. Wicked men, evil-doers, who are deluded, who are deprived of their knowledge by this delusion, and who incline to the demonic state of mind, do not resort to me. But, Arjuna, doers of good acts of all four classes worship me: one who is distressed, one who is seeking after knowledge, one who wants wealth, and one, O chief of the descendants of Bharata, who is possessed of knowledge.

Of these, he who is possessed of knowledge, who is always disciplined, and whose worship is addressed to one Being only, is esteemed highest. For to the man of knowledge I am dear above all things, and he is dear to me.

All these four classes are noble. But the man possessed of knowledge is deemed by me to be my own self. For he with his self devoted to abstraction, has taken to me as the goal than which there is nothing higher."

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