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Green Cream + NO PICKING + some other stuff


This is my first post but I have read these boards and learned A TON of information over the last few months. Thank you.

I'm 36 and STILL struggling with acne. I have (or had, I'll get to that) blackheads, whiteheads, pustules, and cysts, sometimes only a few, sometimes a lot, but always something on my face for over 20 years!!!!! And it's my fault-I never really took care of my skin or took the time to educate myself on what causes acne and how to fight it. I just bought random products and tried them for a few days, got frustrated, then stopped. I don't have insurance, either, so no fancy derm for me.

So. I'm finally OVER having acne, because, guess what? I have acne AND wrinkles now!!! Freakin' lovely!!! It was time to do something. Did I mention I am also addicting to picking at my skin? Yeah.

After researching I realized my acne was caused by 3 things: inflammation, bacteria (duh) and my skin needed extra help exfoliating skin to prevent clogged pores.

I did try the BP Regime for a bit, but it is very drying, even with the moisturizer. But it did seem to work on the actual pimples-the rest of my skin was just so dull, dry and lifeless-and it made my wrinkles seem much worse.

After much reading and researching, I decided to try Green Cream. I stumbled on it looking for non-prescription retinols. There are posts on here from users who had success with it, and after reading many rave reviews from dermstore.com I knew I found something worth trying.

Green Cream is a high-potency over-the counter retinol used to fight wrinkles. The same principle used for fighting wrinkles applies to acne-shed those dead skin cells faster to reveal bright new skin.

I started the Green Cream (Level 6) about 2 weeks ago, along with a firm resolution to STOP PICKING AT MY FACE!!! My face looks so much better I can hardly believe it. My skin glows. My fine lines are much less pronounced. Nearly no irritation, some minor peeling it was not that noticeable. My acne is almost gone. I am still breaking out a tiny bit, but it's so minor compared to what's usually on my face. I literally can't stop looking in the mirror, especially when I have make-up on, because you can't see any zits or scars! The Green Cream should help the red marks fade much faster as well. My pock marks, well, that's another story I'm sure (sigh).

Because my skin looks so good, I don't want to f*ck with it anymore. Less bacteria spread and less trauma to the skin.

I also use a cleanser called Alpha Hydrox at night. It is the best cleanser I have found that removes ALL of my make-up-and I've probably tried 100 different cleansers. I usually don't wash my face in the morning, if I do I use Oil of Olay Gentle Foaming face wash for sensitive skin.

During the day I use Olay Complete SPF 15 lotion for sensitive skin. At night I've started using Jojoba Oil as a moisturizer (when not using Green Cream). I love it! It is a natural fungicide, so it probably helps kill any bacteria on my face too.

I like Neutrogena On-the-Spot BP, but I haven't needed it for a quite a few days now. Also, BP topped with a clay mask (like Proactive's) helped shrink my cysts. Again, haven't needed to do that lately! I'm taking fish oil, zinc, and alpha lipoic acid supplements to help fight inflammation but not regularly enough to make a difference, I think. I will work on that because it certainly can't hurt. Olay Regenerist around the eyes at night for the crow's feet.

I'm also patting my face more, less rubbing, when applying products. You don't want to irritate or inflame the skin.

So that's it. I hope this helps someone. I really recommend the Green Cream. It's not cheap ($50.00) but I think it's worth every penny, and actually reasonable compared to other anti-aging/acne products. Keep your face clean. Don't pick at your skin. Kill the bacteria and exfoliate. Good luck!

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