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32/F/Claravis 80mg

I'm on week 5 now, and all I can say is WOW. I see a NEW ME :D

First month...40 mg

Week 1: about 10-15 actives...broke out and depressed. Dry skin...can't cover it up with make up altho I try.

Week 2: few new ones, and the actives started clearing up. Trying to keep hands off.

Week 3: Noticing that the new ones that come up heal quickly, like in 2 days, only 5-10 on face.

Week 4: A few new ones (that time of month) but healed quickly. Looking better! Only a few actives.

Second month...80 mg

Week 5: Only 2 red dots...and 4-6 healing pink spots. Still the ones that come up heal fast, don't get big and ugly. Been keeping HANDS OFF too ;) My face looks better now than it has in about 6 years. I'm HAPPY!

Around Week 2 my lips started getting chapped. FORGET aquaphor....the stuff is too thin for me and wears off quickly. I am using Burt's Bees original chapstick. I love it. Thick and stays on great. Also I look like I have had BOTOX in my lips. THIS IS NOT A PROBLEM! lol

Around Week 3 or 4 my eyes started getting dry. Bothersome...but not too bad. They water a lot. I guess trying to stay moist.

No body aches, but I do feel sleepy during the day more than usual, and have had a few headaches.

But overall....I've had a great experience and can't wait to see my skin get completely clear! Doc said I'd be on it for 5 months total. Can't wait to be FREE & CLEAR!

I have to add: I have started using L'BRI Pure 'N Natural skin care after Doc said nothing harsh. I talked to another lady that used it during accutane and she NEVER had a dry face. Well I don't want a flaky dry face, so I bought the Gentle TRIO w/ Intense moisturizer ( cleanser, freshener, intense moisturizer) and I have not had a speck of dryness on my face! Which is crazy because I used proactiv for years and suffered with scaly dry skin constantly. L'BRI is made from aloe vera as the base ingredient...and it's all natural. No chemicals and synthetic ingredients. I don't know, but I think putting purity on my skin is great. My face looks sooo hydrated and younger! Of course without all the ugly zits... it's a WIN-WIN. My dermatologist said I looked great when I went in for my one month. I told him about L'Bri and he was impressed. Told me stick with it!

L'BRI is sold by independent sales consultants so it's not in stores. The good thing is, you can order off their website and it ships directly to you! anywhere in the states - so no dealing with a sales lady or waiting on her to deliver. I LOVE that ;)

Her website is: www.allnaturalface.lbri.com Email her any ?'s...she'll get with you quick :dance:

So that is my face routine. L'Bri gentle cleanser, L'Bri freshener, and L'Bri intense moisturizer. For spot treatment I use the L'Bri Mask.

So far so GOOD!!! :surprised:

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