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Skin not adjusting to BP?

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So after 3 weeks my skin is still grossly red from the BP. I went and bought some eucerin moisturizer because i felt dans moisturizer wasnt cutting it for my skin dryness. I like the eucerin stuff because it make my face feel good, go figure, a product that doesnt make your skin feel bad..??!!

I have very few pimples. if i had no redness my face would look great. I cant see an end to this "BP" adjustment phase. i use three tiny dabs, not even a pea size in total and my face is going nuts. If i up my BP i would ruin my face to the point i dont want to go out in public. I already havent been due to how bad my face looks.

What to do? Find an alternative for BP or see if in 5 years my face can handle half a fingers length?

Im tempted to just wash and moisturize, and i feel like the other products (wash and moisturizer) may be inducing redness as well, anyone else have this? Is there enough BP in dans face wash for people with mild acne? mild acne seems much better then severe redness.

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How much BP are you currently using, and how much did you start out with? Perhaps you have sensitive skin and need to cut back on the BP a little for now and give yourself more time to increase the amount?

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i found out my skin is allergic to BP. Ive basically destroyed my face for now. It looks aweful. cheeks nose and forehead are soo red it looks worse then a bad sunburn.

done with dans products for good.

I dont think BP is a good solution, it is a harsh chemical and not worth the ill side effects.

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it does stink, i figured after 10 or more years using BP type products it would work. even dans face wash is too harsh at this point. love the jojoba and moisturizer though.

now i have to walk around college for the next few days looking like a 14 year old with hormone problems....

at least so far everybody has thought i had been sunburned badly so thats the excuse i will use.

anybody know of some more natural products that work? ive seen some stuff called dermify which looks like a more natural solution.

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