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Hello all;

My name is Chris and I live in Orlando FL. I am 28 years old and have suffered from acne since I was 14. I had mild acne by the time I was 10 but by 14 it got really bad. It also continued well into my late 20's.

I think people get acne for different reasons. What may be good 4 u may not work for others. There is no 1 size fits all for us . Acne is so Arbitrary and subjective.

I tried everything for years,benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, triclosan,antibiotics,steam,oxy bads, perscriptions creams and astringents. Even proactive nothimg worked. Until i stumbled on a website about milk and acne. So I cut dairy out of my diet and my face cleared up for the first time in 16 years. It's true. Google it. I am willing to bet that many of you are allergic to the casein and natural as well as artificial hormones in dairy products. Try it. Don't consume dairy for 1 month and see if it is dairy that is causing your acne.

This may not be the case for all of you but I know some of you need to hear this


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Hi. This is my first post.

I researched this too about a week ago. 2 days ago I threw out all my dairy and haven't had any since saturday night (it's wednesday now).

My skin has broken out incredibly since then. I hope thats only due to the alcohol that I had sat night too.

I am also a long time sufferer. I started with blackheads and whiteheads at the age of 9. By the time I was 13 they had formed into acne. I have done everything. Accutane didn't really work and I still suffer from the side effects 3 years after. I have tried most of the antibiotics and creams out there. And I've seen dermatologists..they were greedy people.

My skin is currently: consumed with blackheads and white heads. With hardish/ non white-topped more allergy like inflamed acne around cheeks, jaw line and just under my hair line at the back of my neck. Note I also suffer from psoriasis all over my scalp.

My regime I've recently started is:

No Dairy

Morning: 2 chinese herbal pills. 1 zinc, 1 bactrim, honey wash

Midday: 2 chinese herbal pills, 1 iron, 2 cod liver oil

Evening: 2 chinese herbal pills, differin gel

and I'm getting 4 sessions of microdermabrasion (once a fortnight)

with 2 IPL laser treatments in between. I'm halfway with that.

I have also just purchased a dead sea mineral/sulphur soap and a dead sea mud/kelp tub from ebay.

I hope this will all help. If anything I hope it's just the dairy cus I can't afford this cleansing lifestyle haha.

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I've read about this too and did notice i breakout more than usual when i have milk/dairy. I usually drink soy milk, but will sometimes foget and have yogurt, cheese, or something with milk. I do believe this works for some, BUT i have a question for anyone who has researched this extensively. I know research has shown milk will cause new cells to form at a faster rate, which is one way it contributes to acne ( too much skin turnover = dead cell build up= clogging), but wouldnt that actually be a good thing? It does seem like my skin has a brighter glow to it when i have dairy, similar to when you exfoliate for the first time in a while. If this is true it would seem to me that for some milk would actually help get rid of PIH by replacing the skin layers at a faster rate than usual. It would just be a matter of exfoliating regularly to avoid accumulation of dead skin?

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