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Chest acne..help

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Okay well ive been using a greeat regiment for 2 motnhs now and im all clear :dance: ....except my chest... I would get very little acne on my chest beore my new regiment but after starting it im getting chest acne for some reson? never had it bad until now i think it might be because im tanning but im going to list my regiment and see if that has anything to do with it.

Morning: i put on Clean&Clear persa gel 10 on my face

Afternoon: i take Minocycline with a glass of water

Shower: i use olay blemish control all over my body, panoxyl all over my body and repeat twice

After shower: i use clean&clear deep clenser all over body

Night: differin cream all over body.

Anything in those causing chest acne? Never had it this bad before.

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Whats up,

hey i looked at your regimen and i'm gonna suggest something because i used to use persa gel 10. I used to have every type of acne. You name it i had it. I switched to something all natural and 100 times better for you and more effective. This will help acne everywhere on your body. I use the same product internally and externally. I drink about three cups of any combination of these teas a day using about four tea bags in each cup: rooibos(naturally decaf) green, and white. Make sure the green and white are decaf though because caffine causes overproduction of sebum. After i wash my face twice a day i make a toner out of these teas plus chamomile tea. You can mess around with the concentration but i use four rooibos and four chamomile. Apply it to your face even your chest and that is it. No extra chemicals. Do some research on these teas and see what people are saying. It is incredible. And the big acne companies don't want people to realize this or they will go broke. These teas are loaded with antioxidents and anti inflamatorys that are great for the skin. But again don't just take my word for it. Do some research to give you some reassurance that i'm not just talking out of my ass

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