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Estriol cream for atrophic scars

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Here's a study that states estriol cream and iontophoresis improved acne scarring in 100% of participants. I've seen estriol creams online, but haven't seen any reviews (with the exception of one) that indicated the cream alone improved scars; however, I did see many that stated the cream improved wrinkles and skin texture. The one review I saw stating scar improvement was for Life Extension New Face Solution, and it has many ingredients in it besides estriol and I'm worried it may aggravate acne. Does anyone have any experience with this type of cream? I've read that topical estriol shouldn't have a systemic effect as long as you don't use too much, so hopefully this is true. I'm currently looking at iontophoresis machines online, as well. Anyway, does anyone have any input on this subject? Thanks.



Sorry, link's not working...just google estriol and scarring.

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Interesting post!!!

The estrogens are implied in the secretion of tgf b1. (tgf b1 = scars)

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There are some studies showing that estriol (E3) can increase collagen synthesis. I plan to start using the cream this week. The studies used 0.3% estriol cream, but I could only find 0.25% over the counter. The studies also show decreased pore size, something that would be really helpful to me! I plan to use the cream in conjunction with rolling and LEDs. This is a female hormone, so some may be absorbed into the bloodstream - males might want to go slow using this. Progesterone cream has also been shown to increase collagen growth, and can be used by men, but could also make acne worse.


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