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Shipping Treatment (benzoyl peroxide) to Germany??

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I'm going to be living in Germany in a couple of months. I wanted to see if there was any updated information regarding importing benzoyl peroxide into Germany.

I've searched through the forums and there seems like there a lot of confusion on whether or not benzoyl peroxide can be imported into Germany. I've tried googling.. and I haven't been able to find anything helpful on the topic.

One thread I found said that he/she was able to ship 8.0 oz into germany with some trouble from customs.


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I live in Germany. I would really like to order this product. I could possibly have it delivered to family in the States, then have them ship it to me. But in the end I would have the same Customs issues. So I was hoping to search for some solutions. Will try and find out on my end at the Customs office and hopefully i get some good answers. I will share those once I can.

I have read some posts that Benzoyl Peroxide can be bought here in pharmacies, and that you have to 'specially' order the 3% version, otherwise its usually 5-10%.

So if its the B.P. that causes issues with german import laws, that could be an alternative.

If anyone else has a solution/work around or even tips on "How to order this 'complete product' from Germany and have it be shipped", I'm all ears. Because I personally would prefer the proper Regimen solution.

Perhaps there is something more I as the buyer can do/prepare in order to receive this type of item from overseas here?


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I know this is from february but I thought I would answer anyway.

I have never tried importing it BUT you can just buy it in your local pharmacy without a prescription (so I don't think there'd be any need to import the product from elsewhere). Unfortunately I do not think you can just import it from other countries, however,as I said there are some 3% products readily available (for example Cordes 3%).

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I am from Spain and we probably have the same problem.

Every package that comes outside European Union is retained by our Customs if its over X price (in Spain is 22 euros shipping included, so... 98% of packages). They can ask you for an inspection (thing that happened to me once) and Acne org products are not labeled as CE. Those products are not supposed to be allowed in any of the countries of the European Union but some Customs are not severe.

If they dont ask for inspection you will only have to pay for taxes.

If they would still sell the smallest bottle u could get 2 in every shipping but they are not selling them now. Does anyone knows why?

I would tell you that if you have some related living in uk send them the package. Once a product is inside EU you won't have any problem cos this package will skip your Customs.

Or you can try to buy another similar product that I have been using lately: benzac. I buy it on ebay.

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Are there any updates on this one? Ive always had problems with german customs, I was just lucky that they didnt care and would just give it to me, simply to lazy to send it back, however it seems that a prescription is required. My previous shipment got send back due to this and I dont want to rely on luck all the time, its too expensive.

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