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Has Anyone Else Noticed???

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Why is it (almost always) that when you see a before/after picture, the before picture is usually close-up and after picture is more distant? Is this to conceal the blemishes or half-assed results, which would make people skeptical if shown close-up? Don't get me wrong, I too get excited when I see such photos, but I think if the truth (results not as good as they appear) is intentionally being hidden then we are being taken for. That's just pure malicious. I'm still trying to cope with having had an incompetent dermatologist (clinical prof. at UCSF??? PATHETIC) in my history, before this whole mess became a challenge to my future, but now intentionally being misled by half-assed photos is nothing less of evil.

It's only freakin fair to take a similar AFTER shot in like angle, distance and lighting as before shot so that we can judge for ourselves, isn't it?

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Some of those pictures are just to good to be true, I would be more likely to believe them if the after picture wasn't completly perfect.

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hmm i never have gave that much thought! but you know what, you're right. i do notice now that you've said that. i think they retouch the after pictures too.

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