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I've been hearing some cool stuff about using honey masks for acne. I would really, really appreciate it if you guys can answer some questions :dance:

1. What kind of honey is best?

2. How many times a day and how long do you apply it for

3. Do you mix it with anything (cinnamon? if so, how much cinnamon)

4. How much honey do you use?

5. Is this really an effective acne treatment

Thanks soooooo much for your time!!!


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I use any kind of raw honey. It's thicker than regular honey, so it stays on better, and it has little grains of something in it that exfoliate when you rub it off. I usually do it everyday if I have the time, and leave it on anywhere from 15 min to a half hour. I have left it on overnight once, to give myself a break from retin-a.. it made my pillow sticky but I woke up with soft skin! And I just mix it with apple cider vinegar... I don't think the proportions matter too much, but these 2 ingredients together are amazing, the AHA in the vinegar breaks down scar tissue and then the healing properties in the honey build it back up. I can't say for a fact whether it helped the acne itself, but it does seem to improve the quality of the skin so it must be a positive.

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The honey should be PURE 100% honey. It will tell you on the label if it is or isn't.

I only did it at nights, and kept it on during the entire night.

Twice a week I did the honey + asprin mask (uncoated asprins).

I stopped doing it after 2 weeks or so. Just because I got lazy. It did make the skin feel softer. I can't say much for acne since I didn't use it long enough

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Check out manuka honey with a high UMF (Unique Manuka Factor, sorry, I didn't invent it ;) ). Manuka is New Zealand's tea tree, the honey is made by bees feeding on the manuka bush's flowers. It's supposed to be a powerful anti-bacterial yet gentle to your skin. The higher the UMF, the higher its anti-bacterial properties. And the more expensive :( Look for a UMF of at least 10, but higher is better. If you do a google search you'll see that there's plenty of information and research available. I don't use honey myself (I don't have acne anymore), so I can't answer your other questions unfortunately. Good luck anyway!

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