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My story and some advices for you!

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I'm 19 years old, and the regimen has worked great for me! I also do some extras in addition to it.

I would like to share my daily routine with you so that you can try it too.

My skin is also oily so some of you may identify with me.

I have been on accutane twice for short periods of time (about 4-5 months) and it did clear me up for like 3/4-1 year. This drug is hell and it didn't affect me very well so going back to it again wasn't an option. I have been using the regimen Dan offered for 2 weeks now and there is a great improvement.

My daily routine is as follows:

*I don't pick my face and I try not to get exposed to sun.

*I apply BP every evening after a refreshing shower. I never skip this. Even if I'm dead tired and the time is 01:00AM I go and take a shower in order to apply BP.

*In the shower I wash my face with a facial cleanser which is meant for oily and sensitive skin.

The way I wash my face is exactly as Dan shows on YouTube! DON'T RUB YOU FACE for too long. The way Dan does it is great!

*Then, I gently dry my face with a gentle towel which feels great for me. I wait 5-10 minutes until I feel my face is completely dry and apply BP. I use and amount of 1/3 finger of BP 2.5%.

Since my face is rather oily I sometimes need to wash my face in the afternoon. I wet my face with lukewarm water and wash it with the cleanser the way I mentioned above.

The most important thing for me is to feel very relaxed while messing with my face. I wash it as if I have the whole time in the world. It also feels great.

Last but not least, I know this topic is under great controversy, but I figured that not masturbating has really done wonders for me. When I masturbated my face immediately started feeling itchy and I just knew my face was going to get worse. I haven't done it for a month now and me and my face feel GREAT! Of course it took me some time to control it. I started off not doing it for a week, then two etc... It is only shear willpower and nothing else.

I really hope I helped some of you out there, and if you need me to answer your questions I am here for you.

Thanks a lot for this website and forums which help so much!

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Welcome to the boards, healit. : )

I'm glad that you're giving The Regimen a go. I've been using it for almost two years now, and I adore it.

Keep in mind, though, that The Regimen works best when the instructions are followed precisely, and that means doing The Regimen twice a day, every day (ideally about twelve hours apart), and not over-washing--just once in the morning, and once in the evening.

You may want to read over the instructions again, along with the FAQs and the Biggest Mistakes page, just to be sure that you're doing everything correctly. ; )

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So you do not moisturize? How is your complexion and skin health though you do not moisturize?

You do moisturize! Its the last step of the regimen! (:

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