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Why do I get cysts on one cheek, then they all clear up, then I get them on my other cheek?

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that is the life of cystic acne. i tend to (before accutane, its a life saver) break out for a few weeks on one side 3-5 and then next month its on the other side. Then!!!!! when thats done it moves around my face closer to my jaw, more towards the nose, more towards my ear and the other side does the same exact thing

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Not sure but I have been having a similar experience. A few months ago both cheeks flared up. The swelling went down on the right side. The swelling continued on the left side and then turned into a cyst. I went on Differin and it healed a few days later. The cyst drained painlessly and without any effort and then it was history. And then, the right side woke up. There is a little dot on the left cheek, which may be scarring, but I think the infection is just lying dormant. Right side flared up earlier this week, but it wasn't a cyst. Or it was but Differin killed it. It is now healing quite nicely and isn't nearly as red as it was yesterday. I get PARANOID about my cheeks when they start to flare. Sucks. At this point, I'll take the scars if the infection would just completely drain out of my face. I also had a bump above my right eyebrow yesterday and I was expecting it to turn into a cyst, but right now it's flattened and pain free, so hopefully it's dead. I think your cheeks will eventually clear once all the infection is gone. Good luck!

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Blah,well thank you. It's been like this for 3 years now, I don't think it's ever going to get better. :cry:

UGGGGGHHHH i feel ya! immediately after my 20th birthday i started getting painful, hard cysts...my doctor refuses to give me accutane because shes afraid ill kill myself...which i am more likely yo do with cysts on face than dry lips and fatigue....whatever!! anyway i begged her for spironolactone bc i suspect my acne is hormonal....she took my blood never called me back and then i made another appointment to speed things up...i started taking 50mg of spiro yesterday...i am optimistic but if it doesn't work i am switching derms and getting accutance...im getting married next year...i NEED pretty skin by then!

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