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Shoulder Acne

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Hi everyone! I'm brand new to the forum and I'm pretty happy I found one that talks about this stuff!

So I am a 20 year old male. I have always had a problem with mild acne. When I was 15 I started using Proactive, and when that did not work to my satisfaction I was given Clindoxyl Gel, & then by the time I was 17 my dermatologist moved me onto Accutane for 1 treatment which lasted 5 months if I remmeber correctly.

When I was at that age my main concern was my face. Now at 20 years old, it has reversed. My face is actually really clear. My shoulders are covered in small pimples though. My back and chest have a few too, but not nearly as many as my shoulders / area surrounding them.

I shower every morning. I've started showering twice a day to apply this soap to my body twice a day: http://www.clinique.com/product/CATEGORY4913/PROD11814/Skin_Care/Acne/index.tmpl

I go tanning to also try and reduce it. I know people say it doesn't really reduce your acne but it sure makes me feel better about it whenever I have to take my shirt off which I avoid a lot since this all started.

The last couple days I started putting Bactine on the infected areas which actually feels like it's helping a little bit (between that and the soap). My doctor put me on Tetracycline but I'm a full time student and it really did not work out with my eating schedules / classes, plus I would like to avoid pills at all costs after being on Accutane when I was younger.

I don't really know what to do. Other then topical treatments like Clindoxyl Gel that my doctor can provide me, does anybody else have any other suggestions or feedback? Why am I now getting this at 20 years old? And why just the shoulders / back area? My face is clear as ever. Any input or discussion would be really valued and appreciated. Thanks!

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