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Could Hyperhidrosis be related to Acne?

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I want to know if having Hyperhidrosis could be cause of my mild acne.

I've had Hyperhidrosis all my life, its especially prevalent in my hands and feet. My armpits, face, and the rest of my body are probably only slightly more sweaty than your average joe. My Hyperhidrosis is hereditary because I know both my mother and my brother have it. My mother had acne until about 25, and my brother had it until 18. Currently I am 20 years old.

Right now I'm taking these supplements: Dual Tabs Multi, Fish Oil, Zinc, HCL.

On to my theory

Hyperhidrosis is causing acne because the extra sweat I produce clogs pores throughout the day, causing the small inflamed whiteheads that I frequently get. It is also responsible for my face being very red no matter what temperature my body is at.

Possible treatment

Chlorophyll Capsules

I'm not quite ready to try this because I'm taking several supplements right now, and I do not think adding another is a good idea. Perhaps in the future when I am not taking as many supplements I will test my theory.

For now: Are there any people with Mild acne who cannot cure it who suffer from hyperhidrosis?

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I have had hyperhidrosis since 8th grade right around when I hit puberty. I do not remember that bad of acne back then. But ever since 9th grade I have had pretty constant acne. I am a junior in college now.

I also suffer from general anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, and depression. I think these things and acne cause my hyperhidrosis.

My face is also pretty red most of the time.

I do exercise regularly (weight lift 3x a week and just started p90x).

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Good luck doing P90X man. Its intense! I did it last summer.

So you think your social anxiety causes your hyperhidrosis? I figured hyperhydrosis was a genetic defect.

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