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Mild acne, but annoying large pimples

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Hi everyone,

I get very mild acne. Most of the time it's really nothing at all. However, when I do get acne, I'll get one very large, very swollen pimple that develops a head. I ONLY break out on my chin-- I've never once gotten a pimle anywhere else, except for occasionally the areas to the side above my mouth, which is still sort of in the same general area as the chin. Last spring/summer it got to the point where I had one large pimple all the time, sometimes two or three, and it really really bothered me. However, at the end of the summer it totally cleared up-- until February rolled around, and I began getting the large pimples again, though not as often, and increasing more through march/april. Back acne has also been a problem. I had small bumps all over during spring of last year, but it cleared up over the summer. However, it resurfaced as large bumps, cyst-like, towards the fall. It actually only went away when I STOPPED using the Differin gel I had been using for a few months. It's still mild, but like my facial acne in the past few months it's begun to come back a bit. Could this be a seasonal thing? I don't quite understand how.

I know that my acne isn't bad, and it's not like I can't deal with a single giant pimple and some resulting scarring. Still, it really affects my self esteem and when I have a zit I don't even want to leave the house or look in the mirror. It doesn't help that the giant ones I get are very difficult to cover up with makeup, unlike tiny red bumps that happen now and then. SUmmer is coming and I freeze up at the idea of, say, going swimming with my back exposed and any makeup washed away.

Does anyone who has had this type of acne have any suggestions for treating it? The only thing I do is wash with Clearasil face wash every day, and I'll try putting a dab of the Proactiv mask on a zit I feel coming up (though I can never tell if it actually does anything or not). It seems like most products are overkill and just dry out my skin. If anyone has any ideas, I'm forever in your debt!

Thanks! :)

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