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Ok, so here's the problem...

I had acne through most of my teen years, but it cleared up when i was around 20-21.... But about 4 months ago, i starting seeing my current boyfriend and ever since then, i have begun to break out around my mouth, (which was never a problem area when i had acne)

At first i thought it might be a hormonal thing. But i'm starting to suspect that it's because of my boyfriends beard... has anyone heard of this happening? Also....what can i do to preventing this from happening!? (besides asking him to shave! i like his rugged good looks, haha)

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my bf doesn't even have a beard, but I seriously think kissing/making out makes me break out around my mouth, too. He sometimes feels a bit stubbly/rough which seems to make it worse, even. I also noticed breaking out a bit when he falls asleep cuddling with me and my face is pushed against him somehow (hard to explain i guess lol). It's sooo annoying, because I don't want to see him when I'm broken out and he doesn't seem to get it. I really don't have an answer, but it seems applying BP has helped some with this.

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So I just have to say that I went to a spa a few months ago and got a facial because I was SOOOO broken out. About halfway through she asked me if I worked around fiberglass... WTF? Apparently my boyfriend had fiberglass trapped in his beard from work and it was cutting up my face. Most of it wasn't even acne, it was actually infected scratches all over the bottom half of my face. I made him shave his beard to get rid of it and it helped quite a bit. If he has stubble though it still breaks my face out because it scratches your skin when you are kissing.

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