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Longish hairs all over face causing makeup problems :|

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Ok, so here's my problem. The little hairs on my face (which everyone has) are sort of longer than normal. I know some other people like this, so I'm not alone. The problem is that my mineral makeup clings to them and makes it really obvious.

Is there a way to remove it without causing me to break out??

Thanks :D

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I use liquid makeup, so I don't really have a problem with my hair getting too noticeable. ;D

However, I can feel your pain - I have dark hair, so it's particularly obvious!

I get my "sideburn" area threaded, because the hair there is kinda longish and I really don't like it there. The first time I got the threading done, I didn't break out at all. The second time, I got a bunch of little bumps, but they went away after about a week and a half or so? The third time, I got a few little bumps, and developed some acne on that area. However, I'm not really sure if the acne was a cause of the threading, since I'd been breaking out there anyway.

I think threading is the safest way, but it's not 100% foolproof for acne prone skin. And I haven't tried threading my entire face - just the sideburn area/jawline area (to "blend" and make my skin tone look even. Once you remove dark hair, there's an obvious skin tone difference!)

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Since you're not on a retinoid. If the hairs are isolated to a certain spot like around your mouth, you could try waxing or removing the hair.

I feel like in the past year using certain medication my facial hair is more peach fuzzy and more noticeable (only to me when i'm 1 inch from the mirror).

I use mineral make up too. I would try to pick a shade or brand that doesn't have that "sparkle" to it. or chalkiness. that really clings to hairs and tends to highlight them. MICA adds some sparkliness to most makeups.

also, you aren't using any acne product, as long as you aren't currently breaking out, waxing would probably be fine.

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I have a 'hairy gene' :( Don't wax! I had a massive breakout from waxing... Then I tried something retarded like two weeks ago; I singed the hair with a lighter :doh: It burnt my face a little bit and smelt horrid! Not one of my better ideas :naughty: I have heard good things about facial threading, I am gonna try it next and I'll let you know how it goes.

I use to keep the problem under control with Vaniqa (a cream that reduces hair growth) it worked great! It's like $60 for 1oz though, cant afford it now that mommy and daddy don't pay the bills... I shouldn't have been so eager to grow up when I lived at home! lol

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Thanks for all the suggestions!

The hair on my face isn't dark, just very noticeable once I put any powder on, which I must do over my liquid makeup because my skin is oily. I've tried different powders, but it doesn't really make a difference.

Currently, I'm 98% clear from the Regimen and diet, and the rest is clearing fast. I am pretty experience with threading since that's what I do for my eyebrows (this is a fantastic technique if you haven't tried it). So I'm going to try threading the places where it's the longest: forehead and the sides of my cheeks. I figure if I do it with freshly cleansed skin and apply BP right after, I'll be avoiding bacteria from entering the site. If I moisturize extra well, I can avoid excessive irritation.

Anywho, I will try this tonight and report back with my results tomorrow ^_^

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Ok, so I threaded my forehead last night, because it was the least painful place to do so. Now it's very smooth/hairless, and only one tiny new zit, or more like an inflamed pore. The only problem with removing the natural hairs on your face is that your skin gets oily quicker. The hairs help disperse the oil, and without them, it goes directly onto the skin. I'll monitor it and see if I'm able to control the oil well enough and whether it causes a new breakout.

I might venture out with the other parts of my face, but I know it will be twice as painful as my forehead >_<

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I use Nair for facial hair on my face. Not the stuff you put on your legs. That'll burn the hell out of your face. This one is specifically designed for facial hair.

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