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Products & procedures that increase cell turnover

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In a basic genetics class, we learn that during mitosis a strand of DNA called telomeres will shorten after each division. There have been studies implicating cellular age with telomere shortening. It also seems that the cell will die when the telomere runs out.

Therefore it seems strange to me that Doctors and cosmetic companies are so big on recommending exfoliating. In the short run, exfoliating increases cell turnover, so your skin sheds, thereby your pores don't clog up. This will help you to not have acne. But in the long run, constant exfoliation will severely shorten your telomeres and potentially age the cell. That's why I'm not a big fan of chemical peels and other acids.

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I agree with you. Many doctors and skin care companies continue to push exfoliation especially as we age, citing that cell turnover slows down as we age. However, I have read otherwise. Constant exfoliation, like you mention, will increase cell turnover but also cause our skin to age more quickly.

See Article at:


From article: "The more you exfoliate the more cell divisions will occur in the lower skin layers. There is one problem though. Normal human cells cannot divide indefinitely. Fibroblasts (a key type of cells in the skin) would divide about fifty times and then enter a so-called stage of senescence. This limit of about fifty cell divisions is called the Hayflick limit (after its discoverer, Dr. Leonard Hayflick)."

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hey, yeah i am worried about this as well. as a user of chemical peels, i have the chemical peel glow, thinner skin and flushed cheeks when i sweat it.

i think what causes aging (for a chemical peeler) is being under the sun without adequate sunscreen or protection. but the hayflick limit is probably true as well, though i would say that sleep deprivation is the main cause of aging for me.

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As we age, our skin thins regardless of exfoliation. Exfoliation clears the dead skin cells to give us that fresh young look. So I don't think it matters that human cells have a finite division. It just means that in our stage of evolution, our cells don't live forever -- unlike cancer cells that divide forever.

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