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Hi :drool:

For as long as I can remember I've been getting these little white bumps that sit there for awhile.. then finally end up coming to a small head. Some just stay there forever.. many turn red for awhile.. and I keep getting more and more. They're everywhere. I have patches on my forehead that look like they're under the skin, and they've been there for years I think.

I was on the Acne.org regimen and it did help with the big pimples which I now rarely get, even after coming off the Regimen.. thankfully. But the regimen didn't help these little ones at all. I tried AHA+.. and even tried the top rated glycolic acid cleanser at Makeupalley, MD Forte III which everyone was raving about. Been on it for 2 months, and still I can't get rid of these things. I guess glycolic acid just doesn't work for me.

So now I need to find out what does. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I'd appreciate any help, thanks. :D

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I have the same problem.....it's on my forehead. I have a few blackheads that come out if I squeeze them (which leaves red marks) but the little bumps never go away.

I tried Differin, Cetaphil face wash, tons of other face washes, scrubs, SA, BP...nothing makes a difference.

My diet is perfectly fine. I eat right and drink tons. The only thing I haven't tried is glycolic acid. But I doubt that will work since it just dries the skin more.

The skin on my forehead looks very dry but yet sometimes there is a sheen of oil on top of the skin.


Anyone have any remedies for this???

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I have the same thing too. It is also on my forehead. They look terrible in the right lighting. Like, you can see every one even though you cover up with makeup. Ugh.



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probably something thatll hellp unclog your pores

Salycylic Acid will do this, and so will any retinoid (azeilic acid, differin, retin-a, tazorac)

or you could just try exfoliating more like with a scrub or something. never worked for me but you could give it a try

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i have these also...has anyone tried pushing them out with an extractor? Mine seem to be in every single pore but when i push on them gently something comes out like a little string. Then the pore is clear but the next day they seem to be back. Is this the definition of a whitehead?

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Everyone on this post should check out threads on fungal folliculitis. It's characterized by numerous small pimples that can itch or flare red, as well as the "flaky yet oily skin" that griselda mentioned. It doesn't respond to normal acne treatments (some of them, like antibiotics, can make it worse).

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