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Those of you who've had success: a question

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I'm so impatient. I'm so close to success.

I'm mostly just waiting out red marks that have gone very light pink. (there are a few that are dark yet, but most are light)

Now, I have these dratted things all over, so it seems like my skin is just blotchy. You can see a faint pinkness mixed with whatever skin tone is under there. (I'm extremely fair / redhead)

My question is: those of you who had red marks all over, to the point where you weren't sure you were seeing much of your own unaffected skin anywhere ... after those marks FINALLY were 100% gone, did your skin look even in tone? I get worried at times that maybe we're still doomed to an uneven skin tone even if getting rid of the acne and red marks.

So, if you'd be so kind. What do you have left now that the red marks are 100% gone. Were you surprised at the results? Did you think you'd never have an even skin tone?

Thanks smile.gif

-Better Days

PS: Although I'm doing so extremely well, I have ONE active pimple. That's really not bad considering I used to break out on face, back and chest. But, the ONE that I have is like half a jelly bean right where my nose joins my eyebrow, sort of towards my eye. How lovely, NOT! But still, I'm grateful with the progress, I'm only 9 weeks into my own little regimen. (If you noticed I said 10-12 weeks in another post, I miscounted the weeks, it's really 9 today)

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The red marks will eventually fade to nothing, but this will take a very long time. Soon they will fade to marks that only you can see because you know they are there, while others won't notice them.

You can speed up the process by using a BHA product, like those from www.paulaschoice.com. However, this may interfere with your current regimen and cause you to break out. I'd continue with your regimen for a while longer and if you are still clear, introduce a BHA product. Another method is using diluted vinegar on your face.

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Thanks very much for taking the time to answer MrKeys. Its nice to hear from someone who's seen the things disappear completely. I think it is my own impatience that is my biggest enemy. My cleanser has a BHA (salicylic acid) in it, and I also use a 10% AHA (really nice one that my skin loves) ... which does seem to really help fade those marks. Every few days I seem to make a leap in improvement, for which I am truly and seriously thankful. I will continue to wait it out. I just want to see my skin look even in color and pretty like it did when I was a kid (well, or at least as good as it gets for a 36 yr old wink.gif Thanks again.

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