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C'mon guys! Its BEAUTIFUL out there!

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Something really hit home for me a few days ago. i was sitting in the back seat while my brother (who has perfect skin, is really gorgeous and is a top pilot in the air force at only 19) was driving. my mum was nagging at him that he had to relax when he came home and he said "why the hell would i want to stay indoors? relaxing isnt what i need i want to get out there and have fuckin fun" i know its easy for clear people to say but it got me really thinking about the time im wasting.

okay so i dont have severe acne its probably like mild -moderate and you'll probably all bring this up. but i have had days ive missed school because the makeup couldnt cover the ten big pimples on my face, ive missed birthdays, holidays and nights out because i felt disguiting adn ugly, ive looked in the mirror at a huge breakout and thought what the hell is the point?

but i also have great friends and family who love me just as i am and im sure you do too. everyone here needs to see past this one huge flaw they cant get past and is controlling them. everyday people see you and see your acne. unless they scream or run away im guessing they dont care. so who gives a shit? theres no way im letting myself miss out on cute guys and having fun and doing everything i want because of pimples. you have one life one chance to eat, touch, smell, see, feel everything on this entire beautiful planet and meet as many wonderful people as you can. get out there! this world is amazing. not fair at some times but theres just as much good in it as bad.

so im pleading to you, walk out the door, put down those stupid products that obviously dont work, walk straight past the arrogant dickheads that judge you and go spend time with the people you love and who love you. your family, your friends, your partner, whoever! they've seen you and your skin but they find you amazing and special and they want you around, depsite anything to do with your appearance. think of everything you've missed and not been there for because of acne and how bad you felt.

go feel the sun, and the ground under your feet and experience life. i wish all of you would see that your beautiful, your worth something, you meen something to someone. just think acne may sometimes be the first thing someone sees when you meet but YOU get to decide the second thing. will it be that your uncomfortable and insecure? or that your open loving happy and great to be around? just think about it, even if its not today or tomorrow just soon, please, wake up and realise your missing too much.

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That's pretty much it... You're only punishing yourself if you let it get to you. And sitting around feeling sorry is most likely just going to make it worse. There's people out there in wheel chairs and missing limbs and stuff, and they still go out and do all kinds of stuff.

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okay so i dont have severe acne its probably like mild -moderate...

I stopped reading right here. :lol:

In all seriousness, I know what you're trying to say... but sometimes it just isn't that to forget about acne when your face is literally bleeding.

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yup. I love going to the woods. It smells so nice. squirrels and birds don't stare at you either.

I like taking walks in the woods around my house. But even if squirrels and birds aren't bothered by me, I did get growled at by something when I was taking a walk in the evening a few days ago..

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