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Bras and Bacne

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..possibly some gents as well. ;)

I get back acne, 22yrs old, female. Seems to be a lot of guys on this, not so many girl opinions..and this is one thing I'm sure makes my back acne - alright - 'bacne' worse...BRAS.

Around the straps, the bit where you do it up - these rub against my skin and irritate it. Causing spots.

Going without a bra isn't really an option, I'm 32 DD and would be really uncomfortable.

If anybody has the same problem, know of any good lingerie brands that are more comfortable and whatnot would love to hear from you! THANKS :)

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I find that most of my back acne is around where my bra rubs. I have it on most of my back but the painful cystic ones seem to always be around my bra straps. I'm still struggling to find something that helps, I'm 27 and have been dealing with this for a little over 10 years now.

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Hi Krissi

Yeah bras really are a problem area. I was thinking of going for a strapless bra for a while to try and give the shoulders a break. I also recommend using Lush Dream Cream, are you from the UK? They have a website as well: www.lush.co.uk.

It's really soothing, I find if I apply it in the evening, the next day everything on my back won't look so sore. It's got quite a bit of lavender oil in it which is anti-inflammatory, might be why it's so good.

Definitely worth a shot if you can find it, the Lush shops are everywhere in the UK, and they usually give you free samples to try as well.

Good luck :)

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I feel your pain. Except I have irritation from both regular bras and sports bras. What I do is when i'm not in public I just wear a cotton cami with a built in shelf bra. It minimizes the time that I am wearing a synthetic fabric bra but I still have some support.

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