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Fraxel.. I've read alot just need more personal insight

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I inquired a dermatologist about laser for my acne scars and they suggested Fraxel.. I've read a lot of BAD things about it and Good.. I've tried to research my doctor and his practice but found nothing.. Sandhu M. D. In Lancaster CA.. I live in Los Angeles and this is where my doctor referred me to.. maybe I should get referred to somewhere else?? I'm not sure what to do... Go ahead and do the fraxel for my acne scars or they offered doing medlite has anyone done that procedure for acne scars?? They charge $850.. and medlite is $150.... Anyone ever been to gursan medspa in Lancaster CA?? or Know any great dermatologist in Los Angeles I can go see??? Please.. I'd be devastated if I ruined my face or made it even worse.. I'm a "cute" guy, and meet women, I'm just want to get my confidence back and stop worrying about my face ya know? I'm 27 and have been dealing with acne in my teens.. I want to put it behind me and move on... Anything helps, thank you for taking the time to read and inform me..

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MASSOO, more reading material. Remember the doctor will sell you what he has. You have not done enough research if you refer to their suggestion as just Fraxel. The are offering you the older technology of Fraxel Re:store. Do more research and when you settle on the procedure YOU want, then and only then go looking for the doctor to perform the treatment.


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