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chap stick may have been the culprit

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I have suffered from cystic acne (mainly on my chin) for years now. I'm now 24, and about 9 months ago i got to my whits end. With help from this website and others I have decreased the cystic acne on my chin substansially. I read somwhere that wearing chapstick @ night can block pores causing acne. apparently the chapstick rubs off onto the pillow and then depending on how you lay your head on your pillow can clog your pores. I cannot go to sleep w/o chapstick, and it made perfect sense b/c the acne is mainly on my chin....i sleep with my chin touching my pillow....ah ha...so i threw every tube of chapstick away and now use just vaseline...b/c it doesn't clog pores.....i also change my pillow case @ least twice a week. My chin has cleared up so nicely....don't get my wrong, i still have sensitive skin, and still have a zit pop up here and there....mainly right before my period, but really my chin has done a 180 just from cutting chapstick out of my life. and b/c of my skin sensitivity i don't take any chances ....i still do the regimen...

@ nighttime I wash my face with purpose, apply BP about 10 mins later, then purpose lotion about 10 after that...in the morn. i wash with purpose and use the lotion, just skip the BP in the morning...for me everything seems to be working...i'm much happier and even feel comfortable not wearing makeup!! it's an amazing turn around...i hope my advice can help someone, b/c i know just how frustrating and depressing acne can be. good luck all

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I'm glad you found the culprit! Changing pillow cases is really important actually. I get pimples on my cheeks if I don't change my pillows frequently. Now I try to only use the same side of a pillow twice, which requires a lot of extra pillow cases and more laundry but it's totally worth it!

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