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This just wont end! I feel DISGUITING!

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Im at the end. i feel like i just dont want to go on anymore. nothing i try is working. my skin is getting worse and worse and worse. right now its everywhere! like my forehead full. my cheeks really really full. everywhere on my face and body is full of acne. people laugh as i walk past at school. people stare at me with total horror. this is the worst outbreak iv had ever over the last two weeks and it wont go away. i wont to crawl into bed and die. i feel like a friccin MONSTER.

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hey i've read previous post by you

i'm sorry you're going trough this outbreak

you said you tried all, but I'm guessing you haven't tried accuate yet

even if is moderate you're a candidate for it

mine was moderate and really stubborn, and 'tane is the only one that cleared it up, ive been clear for 4 years now

i don't know if i was lucky but i only had the dryness side effect, and it even helped my oily skin as well, have you talked with derm about this?

ofc i can only recommend you this if you tried all the other regimens

wish you the best :wub: i know how hard is at school, some ppl are ****

:3 hang in there!

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They may laugh, but in a million years all will be forgotten and humanity will be turned to ashes, and the ashes to dust and the dust to nothing.

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