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thad williems

Need Help; Oral Meds to Get Rid of Beneath the Skin Pimples

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Hey all; first time posting here so here is a little about myself.

I am 24, have had mild breakouts since age 16. I've used Benzaclin at night, which works really well to keep blackheads/whiteheads away and keep my skin from being too oily. However, my issue has always been those large under the skin "stress" zits. My complexion will be fine but I will get 2-3 of them at a time, often in really weird places (like on my earlobe, underneath or beside my ear, on my nose). I saw a dermatologist 4 years ago about this and he was very helpful. He prescribed Minocycline, which I was on for about 2 years and had none of these during the time I was on it. However, after 2 years my body adapted (according to him) and the minocycline was no longer effective (which makes sense as I went back to see him due to the re-emergence of these under the skin stress pimples). He put me on bactrim, which worked just as great as the minocycline had before--but only for another 2 years or so. I went back to see him 2 months back, and he prescribed Solodyn. Solodyn was not effective and I had the worst breakout of my life while on it (6-7 of these under the skinners at once, all in my t-zone). I went back to try something else, and he prescribed Doryx. Doryx worked great, but it made me gain weight like crazy (after researching this seems to be a common side effect). I have weighed 180-185 for the last 8 years of my life...after 1 month on Doryx (with no workout changes and actually eating healthier due to giving up fast food for the new year) I was up to 202...most of the weight appears to be from water retention however, as I've been urinating 8-9 times a day instead of 2-3 since being off of the Doryx.

Anyways, I went back today and he said we could try the Solodyn again (I dont want to because 1. it's absurdly expensive and 2. doesn't work for me) or Accutane. Now, I was taken aback when he mentioned accutane because I always thought it was for severe cases of acne (which I am not close to having) and was a very high-risk/high-reward solution. It is definitely not something I want to try. So now I'm panicking, because I want something to get rid of these under the skin zits once and for all---any solutions or advice would be greatly appreciated.... I've had one friend recommend Vitamin D because he said it worked for him. Is there any evidence that this works? Any other oral meds out there that I haven't tried for this? Thank you all for your help!

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