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Skepticism - Shattered!

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So where do I start, I have a lot on my mind so no telling how long this post will be.

Let's start here....

Obviously I have had issues with Acne for a long time or I probably would not have stumbled onto yet another "cure all" acne related site. By the time I got to this site, I had a pretty darn good idea about what causes acne and what treats it. That's one of the things that interested me in this site and the regimen Dan preaches.

What causes acne? From all the research I have done it's basically a poor digestive system and is usually a result of what you take in (eat, drink, etc...). The reason I believe in that so much is because I have tried plenty things and the ones that work the best are just eating the right stuff. My disclaimer is that the above info is purely just an opinion I have formulated over my 10+ years of experience with fighting acne.

Now you are probably wondering why I am on this site if I know that what I take in has a direct affect on my acne. My answer to that question would be freedom. Freedom from needing to eat the healthiest crap on the planet. Freedom to have some beer or mixed drinks with friends. Freedom to eat what I want at a tailgating party or during a nice night of dining out. Freedom to enjoy the horrible foods that humans have created that are insanely delicous.

So after understanding that it's an internal (diet) problem but somewhat manageable from the outside (topical), I set out to try all the things I could to be able to live a life of freedom but also have great skin. I've tried at least 10-15 different products and regimens. I've tried all the pills, which work great but everyone knows it's not long term and it can have major side affects so I won't even approach that subject. My only advice is try everything before resorting to pills. In the last year I settled on Dermalogica products which seemed to work better than anything I had tried thus far, including Dermatolagist recommended topical products. However, I found that Dermalogica + plus the "decent" diet was just a little to weak to get me really clear. I was still having breakouts and sometimes really bad cystic acnes show up every now and then. But for the most part, aside from the occasional problem and the regular 2-3 small zits, I was doing much better than I had done for years. So I decided I either needed to find something better than dermalogica or improve my diet even more. Needless to say, since I love to eat and cook good tasting food, I sought out a better topical regimen.

That brings me to today. I wanted to try Dan's regimen since Dermologica was working pretty well and it seemed that this regimen was basically the same thing just a little stronger. My primary concern being facial dryness and irritation. Regardless, I said what the hek and started this regimen.

Week 1 and 2: I didn't have any of Dan's product and I had some leftover 10% BP so I started with just a small drop of that mixed with water and then followed by some Dermalogica lotion I had. The results were showing and my acne was toned down but I had major drying and still some breakouts. I knew Dan was onto something so I decided to get his 2.5% BP since he said it had the same results with less irratation and drying.

Week 3 and 4: I used Dan's 2.5% BP product regligously and was using Dermalogica lotion. 1) I noticed big improvements with Acne. It was pretty much gone with the occasional breakout but I was drying up pretty bad so I decided to give Dan's full product line a try to include Jojobo Oil and his facial cleanser.

Week 5 and 1/2 and week 6: I am totally free of acne with no new acne popping up so far these past 12 or so days. I'm certainly not claiming all out victory but I know this regimen is the real deal becaue I can feel the irratation has since resided. It's like the regimen is keeping everything at bay. BTW - Jojoba Oil is the KEY to getting rid of dryness! I think 6 drops is to much because it will make my face super oily but 2 drops works wonders!

Last thing I failed to mention through all of that was my diet. It goes a little something like this.


- Smoothie made from scratch with Bananna, Blueberry, Aloe Vera Juice, Strawberry, Grapes, Hemp Protien, Almond Milk, and Superfood (it's like a green powder substance sold at health stores) (*NOTE* The key to a good smoothie is to make your own, from scratch)

- Oat Bran with a little cinnamon and honey


Apples or some type of fruit


Whatever the hek I want. I live in New Orleans so to not eat the good food available for lunch will demoralize the best of them over time!


- usually a salad consisting of chicken, romaine, spinach, black beans, corn, almonds, cucumbers, walnuts, and a few croutons

- I try to eat that at least 3-4 times a week but sometimes can't due to dinner plans, etc...


- Usually just eat whatever I want but still try to slip in a smoothie here and there.

So to summarize all of this, I think Dan's regimen is a good one and so far it has been working the best I have found in the last 10+ years, topical wise. However, you should also be mindful of your diet and I do believe a perfect diet would yield perfect skin but I, like millions of others, are just not interested in doing that so I believe this is the happy medium I will have to live with.

So there you have it, that's my story.

Kudos to Dan for a great site!

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I wanted to provide an update. I'm at week 8 or 9, not really keeping exact count and am still very pleased with the results. There is basically no new acne popping up and my red spots are starting to fade. I've been very strict with the schedule and have only missed a night or two during some weekends.

The only acne I get now is a result of me picking at something that is nothing and then it turns into something. That's my struggle right now. After 10 years of having something pop almost every day it's so weird to look in the mirror and just not see anything to pick at. I usually find myself wondering towards some really small blackhead that is not noticeable unless I am almost touching the mirror. Well of course after messing with it, it turns into something.

Aside from that, there is nothing new really popping up. I think I had 3 new zits form "on there own" since I posted that last thread. I'm getting much better with the picking and have got to the point where I notice it and then force myself to just walk away because there is nothing really to pick at.

At this point, my one and ONLY complaint is that my face seems shiny throughout the day from the BP and moistourizer but if that is the only thing I have to complain about then I feel extremely lucky. To fix this, i've just been using some of those bathroom sheets that go over toilet seats to soak up the excess oil/product on my face. I know it sounds really nasty but they aren't nasty if they are brand new right out of the box. They work wonders and will soak up ALL on the oiliness without leaving any residue or requiring you to wash your face. I don't think they are bad for your skin because I don't have any issues and I use them at least 3 times a day.

Well that's it from me for now. I'll post again in another few weeks or so. I would have loved to have posted pics of my journey but I'm not really interested in posting my pictures on the internet.

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