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Log for Demulen...switched from Ortho Tri Cyclen

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Hey ladies...............I decided I would blog this switch in pills because I know how helpful it would've been to have seen some information from someone else regarding Demulen (there isn't much on this site). Demulen is often prescribed for acne and Demulen 1/50 (I'm on 1/30) is said to be better than Yasmin and Diane 35. I decided against 1/50 because it is a high dose pill.

Here's some background information. I started Ortho Tri Cylcen 3 years ago at the age of 21 after a massive breakout (my first breakout in acne). Ortho definitely did the trick.........I had flawless skin for about 2 years...........over the last year I have been really struggling. My skin breaks out often, I feel bloated/fat, and worst of all I get HORRIBLE facial flushing. My face gets super red and hot and it looks just awful (very painful too). So I did my research........and A LOT of research was done. I decided to settle on Demulen. It's less androgenic than Ortho Tri Cylcen which I'm hopeing will help me out.

I have some great information regarding the androgens in progestins......I don't have it saved on this computer so I'll post it later tonight. It helped me decided on Demulen!

I just took my first Demulen dose last night (March 14) and other than feeling a bit of tummy upset, I'm fine.

I'm going to keep this updated as best as I can! I promise to keep others informed because like I said I wish someone would've done it for me.

Blog soon,


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The Progestin Component

Natural progesterone is difficult to manufacture, so synthetic forms similar in structure and action to natural progesterone are used in oral contraceptives. These are referred to as progestins.

Progestin can be derived from testosterone by the simple removal of a methyl group from the testosterone. This creates the derivative Norethindrone.

Progestin can also come from the addition of a methyl group to testosterone and is called Norgestrel.

Both Norethindrone and Norgestrel are structurally similar to progesterone but contain little androgenicity.

Norgestrel turns into Levonorgesterel, it's active form and has more progesterone activity making it more useful for women facing progesterone insufficiency conditions but more likely to be acne forming.

Norethindrone derived progestins also include Norethindrone Acetate, Ethynodiol Diacetate and Lynesterol (this is not available in the U.S.)

Levonorgesterel derived progestins also include Desogestrel, Norgestimate and Gestodene (this is not available in the U.S.)

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Day 3..............nothing is really changing. If I look close I see a few new bumps under the skin but I'm not sure if they're actually there or if it's my paranoia lol (will keep you updated). My stomach continues to hurt about 3-5 hours after taking Demulen 1/30 (likely just need to adjust to it). I'll be posting again soon!

Spring is coming soon, yay good news for all!

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Day 5..........So I've taken 5 Demulen tabs and my skin seems to be drying out a bit. No new spots. My stomach aches are gone. I'm not getting any symptoms actually!

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