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Does anyone else here blame themselves for their acne? My self confidence and self esteem has really been shattered due to this acne I have...and I always just think "if I didn't do this or didn't do that" then I would not have this problem.

Mid-last year I developed massive cysts all around my jawline, something I did not have prior to mucking around with the pill (which I was taking without a break for 3 months since "you don't really get proper periods when you are on the pill" as nurses have told me. I got the jawline cysts while I was on the pill and the scarring is terrible). Since stopping the pill, my periods have been super irregular (haven't had one for nearly 6 months). Before that I think things like "if I didn't do all this stuff" then maybe I would never have developed acne round my chin in my younger days. I used to do things that I am really not proud of which I think may have had something to do with where I am now.

Does anyone else think this? That stuff you have done has contributed to your acne and you feel like you can't really forgive yourself? I really struggle to like myself and find forgiving myself and being kind to myself very hard, because I regret a lot of things.

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Scarring as in scarring, or scarring as in red marks?

I've never actually seen anybody with scars on their jawline, despite it being the most common place for acne to appear. I never scar on the jawline either (thank god as it's where I get all my acne).

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Getting acne is not something I regret since we know very little about what exactly causes acne, and it seems to be different for everyone. Now if for example we knew for a fact that "x" food or behavior caused acne, and I continued to do it anyway, then yeah I'd regret not resisting the temptation. As it is now though, I don't think it makes sense for you or anyone to blame themselves for having acne.

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