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Hello, just wanted to share a miraculous thing I've discovered to fight my acne. I have dealt with acne for a long time. I actually wanted to grow out my hair, so I started to take this brewers yeast with sulfur my mom brought me from Russia. When I ran out of it, in a couple months my acne was back. I did not know yet that yeast helped my acne, so I did not hurry to get a new pack. Finally after 10 months of suffering from inflamed cysts on my face, I decided to give it a try again. I could not find the one with sulfur so I've just bought it separately. It's been 2 weeks- my face is 98% clear - no inflamed acne at all. I don't even use any make up- nothing to hide any more. I live in San Francisco, luckily we've got a Russian pharmacy here- they have them in little pills like vitamin supplements. The powder version sucks - since you have to mix it with water or juice and it tastes like vomit.

Hope somebody will find it usefull



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I started taking this Russian brewers yeast about 2 weeks ago, my face had been clear from cyst for a long time but I had a minor breakout of a few cyst and they disappeared in one day while takin this, haven't had a single zit since then and my face looks really healthy, this shit works.

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