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Is there any link?

I don't know much about diabetes, but I'm showing all the symptoms (constant thirst (I need to drink about 3 litres of water a day it seems, or more; excessive need to go to the toilet (i.e. once every 15 minutes or so after drinking anything), and I always wake up so thirsty.

I'm currently taking oxytetracycline - could these antibiotics have any impact on my thirst etc? I'm guessing I could have the symptoms confused, I don't know.

Something that worries me is the insulin; especially considering many people's beliefs that high insulin = bad acne, and am worried that this could only get worse if I were diagnosed with diabetes.

I don't know what to think, I'm so very confused. sad.gif

Please help.

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Well right now I'm contemplating the diabetes ordeal myself. My sister and dad are both diabetic, btw my sister is 16 with flawless skin. A first sign of diabetes is constant bathroom breaks (but you have to factor in the amount of liquid you are consuming). Insulin related problems are considered hormonal and causes acne to be difficult to treat using topicals, antibiotics, etc because they are not helping the core part of the problem (the hormone). Tomorrow I am going to get my hormones tested because I already suffer from Hypothyroidism and am nervous I am becoming a diabetic. Diabetes can be detected by a simple blood test btw.

I hope I was a little help, good luck.

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I've tested negative for diabetes before, but I guess that could've all changed now, right?

I guess the toilet-break thing could well just be down to the fact that I drink so much water all the time, but at the same time - I wouldn't drink it if I wasn't so thirsty, would I? confused.gif Though I get a bit paranoid whenever I take my antibiotics and drink as much as possible with them, don't know why.

I want to get it checked out with a GP, but am, at the same time, kinda scared that I will have it. sad.gif

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Well I had my sister check mine earlier cause I was getting worried about my blood glucose levels. Turned out to be pefect. So maybe we're just getting paranoid? haha

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Just make sure you eat healthy and avoid high glycemic foods. If you're showing signs of hypoglycemia/diabetes, that's the best thing you can do.

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What I mean is, what about the insulin injections etc?

I'm concerned that they'd change the levels of it in my blood so that it'd cause breakouts, particularly considering I'm a huge believer in the low sugar/low carb theory and its correlation to acne.

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you need to read this:


it explains the difference between the roles of sugars and fats. you should at least read it!

read it first then. if you would follow a fruit based diet, the glucose in the fruit and fructose and sucrose are what you really need to keep your energy levels proper.

but also, when you are hungry and you ingest more energy, especially from extremely high crab foods, which are not fruit!

But some dietists say fruit-sugars can cause diabetes.......


Fresh fruits (and fresh juices) contain far less sugars*** than bread, pasta, pizza and grains and beans in general. And the latter also contain appetite enhancers that make you eat too much at once, which is the real cause of diabetes.

*** total carbohydrate contents   

75%    Biscuits 

70%    Pasta made with eggs

66%    Crispbread

56%    Bread rolls

49%    Wheat (flour) bread

46%    Rye bread

41%    Wheat whole-meal bread

40%    Bread Graham

29%    Durian

24%    Jujube (Chinese date)

20%    Banana

17%    Litchi (Lychee)

15%    Grapes

13%    Figs

12%    Pineapple, pear, mango

11%    Apple

10%    Mandarin, Granadilla juice, Mandarin juice

9%    Peach

9%    Orange juice

8%    Orange

6%    Strawberry, Raspberry juice

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well one of my friends has diabeties , and he has flawless skin........bastard.

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