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Spenda/acne connection!

OK, so I decided to cut sugar out about a month ago. My overall diet was the most natural, healthy diet I've ever been on. (VERY little cheese, a little yogurt, salmon a couple times, *mostly* vegan, NO refined processed food, etc.) I developed horrid acne, mostly located on my jawline, neck, and bridge of my nose. (weird) I had just discovered acne.org and longhaircommunity.com, so explored that site and read every thread on skin/acne I could bring up. I read the whole Nightshade dairy=acne thread, and so eliminated every trace of dairy, wheat, soy, (already removed sugar). The strange thing is, these nodules and bumps weren't progressing like normal pimples, just staying there! I literally tried everything. All the natural remedies and techniques,(one night I even wore a turmeric mask for 3 hours, and my skin was yellow the whole next day! LOL) as well as BP and SA. My skin was always responsive to these before when I would get the odd pimple. I'm 32, and went off BCP (low dose ortho) last Nov, with no hormonal reactions, but I thought it must be related to that.

Well, yesterday was my birthday, so I had a day of *no rules* eating. That meant dairy and sugar for me! After the Oscars, I went back to my acne info Googling, and came across a mention of Splenda causing cystic acne MOSTLY ON THE JAWLINE!! I immediately Googled the heck out of this subject, and I was like "holy crap!!!!" This stuff CAUSES acne. I just got a box of Splenda one month ago, when I stopped eating sugar! I was almost out. I remember Friday making a mental note to get more! I was using a minimum 2 packets a day in my breakfast smoothies, and in oatmeal! I can't believe this. I got one heck of a birthday present from God, I think!

So here's the kicker. I had NO Splenda yesterday, only sugar, and when I woke up this morning, my inflamed, irritated cysts had deflated! My skin has been getting better ALL day today. Dr. Mercola's website had the best info about Splenda I found. It turns out to be a hyper-chlorinated sugar molecule pesticide! It has a REALLY strong effect on your insulin/hormone reactions, and the only reason I used it is because I read a health book a few years ago by Don Colbert, MD. recommending it, seeing as how it was "natural". They say it can harden and solidify in your fat cells. That must be why it stuck in my cysts. Up to 27% of it IS absorbed, and then stored in your body. I wanted to tell everyone about this, I HAD to post this crazy info. Please don't EVER use Splenda, and I would love to hear anyone's comments! (Sorry for this LONG post)

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