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Where to start???

I am a 19 y/o male, and I have been using BP for a few months, along with mixing in the cleanser and tonic from Exposed Acne Treatment. The exposed totally made my skin worse and raw when used as directed. For a couple months now, I have been using the BP, and taking Doxy antibiotic that my MD gave me. I cleanse twice a day, but sometimes just using soap if I'm out of Salicylic Acid. I'm tolerate the BP well, so where should I start?

The thing is, My acne is not just a uniform breakout. I have whipped what was coming up on my main part of my face, and around my mouth, but I have about 6 spots all the time around my jaw, and down on my neck. They are big, red spots and I squeeze them and get the puss out, then uts just clear fluid, and they become painful, and even raw. It takes weeks for them to clear, and they are very embarrassing, usually only on one side of my face at a time. One side will look great, the other will have 4-6 spots that are big and red.

Also, will any spot treatment take away the red?

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BTW, my BP is prescription 10 o/o stuff. Also, if there is any correlation between sugar/insulin and acne, it may be important to know that I am severely Hypoglycemic, and my body produces WAYYY to much insulin, thus setting my hormone balance off. I eat sugar, my pancreas freaks out, and boom, the insulin floods out and I often crash. Some articles suggest that this could cause sebum to jump...

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