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So I have discovered something sort of... it seems as though I was on the hunt for the perfect moisturizer for 2 months, and all the while it may have been sitting in my bathroom closet! Now I know not everyone will agree, but I would like to know if anyone has had a similar experience!

Now as Brandy and C'est La Vigne have told me several times in the past, most moisturizers will lead to redness and burning in the onset of the regimen, but some have better results than others. I have personally tried 6 moisturizers since the onset of the regimen, to kind of rank them in terms of harshness to my skin, including... Dan Kern's, Cetaphil, Aveno Ultra Calming, CeraVe, Complex 15, and DK's AHA+. But what I have noticed is that each one has a slightly different feeling and reaction on my skin. Some good, some bad, but in the end each one tends to sting...and each one turned me red at times!

But around week 5 I started to notice something...The redness was beginning to subside upon application of the moisturizer! but instead... after about 2-3 hours, my face would dry up considerably and I would turn bright red and begin to break out from the dryness! So I began spot moisturizing throughout the day whenever I could, but that became a real hassle. i needed something that would last all day, and I realized I had it right in my closet! Dan's moisturizer!! But I was quite skeptical because I had my worst reaction to Dan's in the beginning!

It seems weird that something that I really didn't like at the beginning, worked so fantastic after 8 weeks on the regimen! I am amazed how smooth and long lasting Dan's moisturizer is for me, and I have decided to make it my perminent moisturizer!

Anyone else experience this, or something similar?

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for posting and I think this is important.

BP does make the skin irritated in the beginning, and just about any moisturizer has the potential to be irritating during this phase. However, Dan does put skin soothing ingredients in his moisturizer which can really help. I'm glad you gave it another try. :)

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