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questions about accutane


I am on moth 4 accutane, and feel bored, i want quite faster accutane, dont know why...

I am just tired of that dry lips, and other annoying side effects.

Also i have same spots in same places for 2 moths, they look not healing...

Is that normal ? Because before accutane pimple complete heals in like 2 weeks, now 1 pimple on my cheek been for 2 moths , and still is. wtf?

And if my all acne not heals while i am on accutane is it possible it heals completele post accutane ?

Answer those question please, i am confused... and tired...


sorry for my english

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hey i know what you mean

this is my second time going on accutane, and the first time i was on it 8 months, and right now i am currently on my 8th, and hopefully final month for this course.

anyways, everyones skin reacts different. i notices while on accutane, my skin in general heals slower. not just pimples and spots on my face, but if i get a cut on my hand, it takes FOREVER to heal completely!

but dont worry, stick with it. i didnt see any real results till my 6th and 7th month, even after taking my last pill i noticed my skin kept improving.

good luck, hang in there.


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