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1. Garlic or lasuna - It is also known as Allium sativum in biological terms.

It is considered to be one of the best home remedies for acne. Here there are two ways from which you can use either or both. The first method is to crush 2 or more cloves of garlic and apply it to the affected areas two times a day.

The second option is to chew and swallow one or more clove of garlic every day. The problem is that garlic is a strong smelling agent and you have to cope with it.

2. Egg White - Crack some eggs and remove the yolks i.e. the yellow of the egg and leaving only the egg whites. Beat these egg whites for some time and apply this to your face or the affected part. Wait for about 15 minutes and wash off the area applied. The purpose of applying the egg whites is to eradicate the excess oil from the skin that promotes early healing of skin and acne.

3. Toothpaste - It was previously an amateur practice but now it has scientifically proven that toothpaste actually help in curing the acne. Apply it unswervingly to your acne spot before retiring to bed. This is believed to help manage the swelling overnight. Just make sure that it is not the gel tooth paste but the paste.

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I've also heard honey as a moisturizing mask. Oatmeal as a mask. Brown sugar as a scrub. Lemon juice as a cleanser/toner.

Personally, I've had no success with such 'home remedies.'

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Moved to the General Acne Products board.

And it's been discussed several times on these boards that many toothpastes contain ingredients that may actually irritate skin and make acne worse. ; )

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