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Is there a natural treatment/cure for rosacea?

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Anti-inflammatory diet. Zinc, sulfur topical and oral. Aloe vera topically.

I have rosacea and I figured out a long time ago that aloe worked just about as well as the prescriptions I was given. And then zinc supplements and later an anti-inflammatory diet worked even better. My skin is never red and I rarely get any breakout.

Mineral makeup and mineral sunscreens are some sources of topical zinc. tumeric is a source of topical sulfur but it will stain pale skin.

Edit: Topical Epsom salts are a great source of sulfur and magnesium, another anti-inflammatory nutrient. I can't believe I forgot this one when I first responded.

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Hey about sulfur, can it also have a negative effect on skin? I have been using epsom salt to exfoliate and bath in and I like that. Though recently I have been taking MSM and I think it may be effecting me negatively but I'm not sure :/

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I apply sulfur on my face for my mild rosacea. Havent had a bad dry patch in a while. skin still looks a little red but not bad.

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Experimental dermatology • Concise report

Remission of rosacea induced by reduction of gut transit time

S. N. Kendall

Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick, Coventry, UK

Correspondence to S. N. Kendall, Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick, Gibbet Hill Road, Coventry CV4 7AL, UK.

E-mail: [email protected]

Copyright 2004 Blackwell Publishing Ltd


Rosacea is a chronic disorder characterized by hypersensitivity of the facial vasculature, presenting with intense flushing eventually leading to chronic erythema and telangiectasia. Although the precise aetiology of rosacea is not known, numerous associations with inflammatory gastrointestinal tract disorders have been reported. Furthermore, substance P-immunoreactive neurones occur in considerably greater numbers in tissue surrounding affected blood vessels suggesting involvement of neurogenic inflammation and moreover plasma kallikrein–kinin activation is consistently found in patients. In this report, a patient without digestive tract disease is described, who experienced complete remission of rosacea symptoms following ingestion of a material intended to sweep through the digestive tract and reduce transit time below 30 h. It is possible that intestinal bacteria are capable of plasma kallikrein–kinin activation and that flushing symptoms and the development of other characteristic features of rosacea result from frequent episodes of neurogenic inflammation caused by bradykinin-induced hypersensitization of facial afferent neurones. The possible relevance of this hypothesis to other conditions featuring afferent hypersensitivity, such as fibromyalgia, is considered.


Accepted for publication 21 October 2003

also read this one-


So then the question is how would you reduce intestinal transit time below 30 hours??

perhaps modify your diet with more veggies, and all wholoe grains, plus extra fiber and activia yogurt, with bifidus regularis, which is actually bifidus animalis, but they renamed it for promotional purposes, a marketing ploy. you will have to find a way to test your transit time, eat something that you know you will not digest, perhaps whole sesame seeds, so then you can check your poo and time it.

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Aaaah thank you..Because I have probelms in that area.. :/ I'm not even sure if I have rosacea, all I have are little thin tiny blood vessels across my nose and across my cheeks under my eyes. I'm beginning to think that if anything can be cured, it can be cured naturally..maybe I'd have to get laser treatment for them, but I was hoping they could somehow go away naturally.

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I have couperose (many broken capillaries) and sensitive skin (I redden extremely easily with touch, temperature, etc.), and I've been using natural remedies to keep it under control. Avoid exfoliation and irritating ingredients (including BP and salicylic acid if you can). You can also try rosewater, aloe vera gel (higher quality), rosehip seed oil, and avocado oil. I use other things, too, but these particular ingredients appear to help most. Maybe they will help you, too. Good luck! :)

EDIT: By the way, as far as I know there is no cure for rosacea or couperose. Lasers can sometimes be used as a cure, but there's no way to know if it will be temporary or not or just how much it will help (it varies from person to person). You're better off trying to keep it under control than trying to cure it, unless you want to try a laser.

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